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  From Brexit and Labour's future to Britain's new political battlegrounds, here's the expert lowdown on what Boris...
  Mythical mistletoe can be traced back to Norse legends.
  Criminalising this practice has not brought it to an end.
  Understanding why the great auk went extinct could help protect species still living today.
  Alcohol-free wine and beer can be high in sugar, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the occasional sin-free bevvy.
  AMLO's war against organised crime in Mexico isn't stopping people dying.
  To cancel or not to cancel? As the debate inevitably rages on, here are two extra perspectives to help add some nuance to the debate
  We may think tattooing is a modern phenomenon, but the reasons for its popularity are not dissimilar to those seen in the prisons and convict ships of the Victorian era.
  Citizens are voting in 650 constituencies – but technically not for who they want to be prime minister.
  Labour politician Barry Gardiner claims that people's experience of the NHS has got remarkably worse.
  One side wants to 'get Brexit done' while the other shouts the 'NHS is not for sale!'. What does it all really mean?
  The British Labour Party has pledged to conduct an audit of the impact of Britain's colonial legacy.
  Leafcutter ants, Komodo dragons and even your nose are potential sources of new antimicrobial compounds.
  Boris Johnson wants to leave by the end of January 2020 and hopes to have a trade deal agreed within a year.
  At the heart of the debate is that most fundamental question: what does it mean to be human?
  Our new book explores the autistic mind -- and shows that we're not as different as we might think
  Want a rule of thumb for how voters should view megaprojects in manifestos? Read on.
  The BBC is looking exposed after a campaign in which it has taken fire from all sides.
  Satellite research confirms its enormous ice sheet is melting faster than most scientists predicted. 
  The academic research makes it clear that 'getting Brexit done' will deeply hurt the UK economy across the...
  There are record numbers of rough sleepers in some cities, yet the most common approaches adopted at tackling it are ineffective.
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