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  As a hugely diverse continent, one thing has united Asia in the last 50 years: economic development.
  That's to meet your basic needs and have a little leftover for fun.
  What makes us human? Scientists are starting to work out the specific evolutionary genetic changes that enabled the large and complex brains of humans.
  Russia left as the main power broker as the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria continues.
  A lot of banks started experimenting with blockchain in 2015 but they've made little progress.
  Electrifying transport needs bigger changes than another high-end electric car.
  Research offers an insight into the experiences of pregnant women left to give birth in their cells without midwives
  Of the countries we looked at, all have seen an increase in subjective happiness since the 1970s.
  Sky’s true crime channel is feeding a ‘desktop detective’ culture.
  Parts of Tunisia's political discourse look a lot like its colonial past.
  We need to create a transport system that is zero carbon – and socially just – in only a few years. We just need to...
  Tech companies use product launches to position themselves as the heroes of the digital revolution.
  The US President pledged ambitious growth in the fossil fuel industry on his 2016 campaign trail – but new data shows that the green...
  Rivers are shaped by storms, floods, humans and... aquatic invertebrates.
  Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria may force Western states to finally address what to do with adherents of Islamic State. Here are ...
  Cities represent an increasingly powerful force in global politics – but they're still constrained by the agendas of...
  Black and minority ethnic staff in universities are paid less than their white colleagues.
  The benefits of being 'mentally tough' are many. Why let just those who are lucky to be naturally resilient benefit,...
  Pet theft can devastate families and cause animals significant distress – the law needs to change.
  Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer win the Nobel Prize for Economics 'for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty'.
  Your brain balances messages coming from lots of different places to help you see, imagine, remember and dream.
  Innovation in digital technology is accelerating – it has massive untapped potential for tackling the climate crisis.
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