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Conservative confidence vote: who are the potential leadership challengers?  The PM is in a tight spot, but can anyone else lead the nation into Brexit?
Why Brexit is causing turmoil for the pound and other markets  Investors – like everyone else – have little idea of what's going to happen next and are reacting accordingly.
No-deal Brexit: preparing for nuclear fallout influenced how government plans for worst-case scenarios  No-deal preparations have been both criticised as being part of 'Project Fear' and used to show that Brexit will be ...
The next great leap forward? Combining robots with the Internet of Things  From offshore oil and gas to the homes of people with disabilities, this is emerging as one of the most exciting areas of tech.
Memes are taking the alt-right's message of hate mainstream  Hateful images are making their way from niche sites onto popular social networks at an alarming speed. Here's how it works.
Teachers don't understand the depth of dyslexia  Teachers' understanding of dyslexia is mostly limited to behaviour, new survey finds.
Grammars receive £50m boost, while primary and secondary schools rely on cash donations from parents  Grammars have received a £50m funding boost, while at the same time many primary and secondary schools are resorting to...
How imaginary friends could boost children's development  Children with imaginary friends tend to be creative and have more empathy.
How chickens became the ultimate symbol of the Anthropocene  Our research shows that, millions of years from now, fossilised chicken bones will mark the era of human domination.
Worsening Ebola crisis leaves UN Security Council with few options  The UN Security Council's response to the most recent Ebola outbreak has been weak. But what options does it have?
Theresa May's handling of Brexit is a classic case of bad leadership  For two-and-a-half years misstep has followed misstep.
Curious Kids: do people see the same colour when they look at something?  What colours we see depends not just on how things are in the world around us, but also on what happens in our eyes and our brains.
People who live in countryside are less likely to survive cancer  A new meta-analysis of 39 studies from around the world reveals a major disadvantage.
Syrian refugees remain trapped and marginalised by Lebanon's power-sharing politics  The intricacies of Lebanese politics mean Syrian refugees continue to be scapegoated.
Does problem-solving really protect against cognitive decline in old age?  A new study suggests that being intellectually engaged does nothing to slow cognitive decline, but it does start the decline from a higher point.
International students: universities must lead fight against intolerance of migrants  International students are a huge asset, but universities must guard against prejudice and ensure they they are properly integrated and...
Copyright law does not protect the taste of cheese  A judgment by the European court has extended copyright to all literary and artistic creations, but cheese is still not protected.
Erectile dysfunction: exercise could be the solution  Aerobic exercise can improve erections in men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
How a no-deal Brexit may affect each part of the traditional Christmas dinner  Turkey, pigs in blankets, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, Brussels spouts and cranberries – which are safe and which aren't?
Brexit, Leveson II and why 2019 could be the year for press reform  As the May government crumbles, there is new impetus for reviving part two of Lord Leveson's inquiry into press misconduct.
Psychotherapy can make you richer - especially if you are a man  Economists have used their monetary methodologies to work out how visiting a therapist affects labour income.
These 'useless' quirks of evolution are actually evidence for the theory  Why are humans the only animals with chins?
Scotland's 'not proven' verdict helps juries communicate their belief of guilt when lack of evidence fails to convict  Despite its controversial nature, new research into the not proven verdict shows it helps juries ascribe...
Geminids meteor shower: an astrophysicist on what to look out for  Expect a spectacular display of 120 or more meteors per hour – some of them brightly coloured.
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