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  Six Portuguese youngsters say 33 countries have violated their human rights by causing climate change.
  The latest research reveals basking sharks are not lone predators but rather family-minded creatures with a...
  Christmas markets are big business in UK cities – but not this year.
  Leaving the EU presents a chance to adopt better regulation and more tax on tobacco.
  An international agreement has set an ambitious deadline for action on some of the biggest problems facing the world's oceans.
  If the building blocks of life were present at the time that Earth was born, this could mean life is common in the universe.
  Other faiths have managed to give up their celebrations and pilgrimages. Surely we can put up with a low-key Christmas?
  Initial studies suggest these drugs, widely taken to lower cholesterol, may also reduce the severity of COVID-19.
  A new study has shown that there are sex-based differences in how we respond to the coronavirus.
  Despite a fresh approach from the White House, internal issues make it unlikely that conflict in eastern provinces of Ukraine will end in 2021.
  Zoom shares tumbled with the announcement of a vaccine - but reactive markets don't reflect people's desire to keep...
  It turns out, if your crisps are sufficiently 'niche' and sophisticated, even they can be classed as a meal.
  A new discovery fuses science, serendipity and a millimetre-sized worm that is hundreds of millions of years old to help develop a treatment for...
  Refugee businesses provide opportunities for those who find that the doors to employment are often closed to them – even if they are well...
  Some recent positive developments are beginning to suggest that public interest journalism me once again be viable.
  Schools cannot deal with inequality alone, but can help to provide joined-up support.
  Logistics is the unsung hero in vaccination. But here's why it's critical.
  Alternative farming models, like wood pasture grazing, would allow the UK government to maintain food production while regenerating ecosystems.
  Exclusive footage of the clandestine bunkers from which Britain hoped to halt a Nazi invasion.
  Will Apple's search engine have the same ill fate as Microsoft's Bing?
  In both London and Liverpool – two extremes of Britain’s polarised housing market – activists have been busy re-imagining the future of public housing.
  The answer could be found in death rates among the elderly.
  Just because two events last a month does not mean they both last the same amount of time.
  It may be many months before COVID control measures can be eased.
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