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Passion play: the often fraught history of the theatre and Christianity  Was Jesus Christ the first male lead in the history of modern theatre?
Notre Dame: how Christ's Crown of Thorns has survived crusades, political upheaval and a fire (but only just)  One of the most sacred relics in the Christian world was saved from the Notre Dame fire. Here is its history.
Notre Dame: the public and private lives of France's spiritual home  From coronations to Revolution to reconciliation, Notre Dame has witnessed nearly 900 years of French history.
Why protesters should be wary of '12 years to climate breakdown' rhetoric  I helped write the IPCC 1.5°C report the number apparently comes from. But the truth is better – and worse – than that.
Nicotine replacement: when quitting cigarettes, consider using more nicotine, not less  A recent Cochrane review came to a surprising conclusion.
Brexit party: Nigel Farage's threat to disrupt EU business is a waste of his energy  The EU saw this coming and is ready for Farage's 'Trojan horse'.
Employers wary of hiring refugees and migrants to help fill shortages need help understanding the law  Many employers remain unaware of the law around employing refugees and migrants – even if they could help fill staff...
The quest to save the banana from extinction  Scientists are in a race to genetically engineer a new plant resistant to a devastating disease that is threatening to wipe out the banana.
Easter: what the Catholic Church teaches about bread and wine and Christ's flesh and blood  Pope Francis is gradually moving the Catholic Church away from the traditional idea of bread and wine turning into flash and blood.
Thailand: the baffling mathematics that helps to keep the junta in power  Get your thinking cap on – you'll need it.
How the power of persuasion goes way beyond mere advertising  Consumption has become the primary form of self-identity and self-expression.
Brexit extension: how much will it actually cost the UK to leave the EU?  How the Brexit 'divorce bill' is calculated and what impact delays will have on it.
Spain: Catalan question dominates ahead of wildly uncertain election  With the big parties under pressure from regional forces, it's hard to see how anyone could form a government on April 28.
Ian McEwan's Machines Like Me and the thorny issue of robot rights  A legal expert looks at the issue of robot rights and what makes us human.
Caster Semenya v IAAF: ruling will have big implications for women's participation in sport  Arbitration case between athlete Caster Semenya and the IAAF centres on eligibility to compete based on testosterone – but there are...
How the social lives of animals should form part of our conservation culture  Humans aren't the only animals to learn survival tricks from each other.
The return of fascism? Why this is the wrong question to ask  By obsessing over labels, we avoid having to confront more difficult questions.
Job recruiters discriminate against Muslims, and it doesn't end at the interview stage  Recruiters seem to have unconscious biases that can be overturned by what they see on job applications.
Politics of Hindu nationalism: India Tomorrow part 2 podcast transcript  This is a transcript of part two of The Anthill's podcast series, India Tomorrow, on the politics of Hindu natonalism.
India Tomorrow part 2: the politics of Hindu nationalism  The second part of this series from The Anthill podcast looks at the trajectories of Hindu nationalism in India.
Four simple ways landlords and letting agents can make life better for tenants  Landlords could have a big impact on public health, if they help their tenants to feel at home.
Testosterone: why defining a 'normal' level is hard to do  So-called normal levels of testosterone are approximations, but can help researchers investigate disease and treatments.
Notre Dame: writers and the shock of destruction through History  Words are as important as pictures for helping us come to terms with such a huge cultural loss.
Ayodhya: the history of a 500-year-old land dispute between Hindus and Muslims in India  A panel of mediators has been asked by the Indian Supreme Court to suggest a way forward for a site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims.
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