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Liverpool judge's decision recognises that 'home' still exists for the homeless  Judge acknowledges attack on rough sleeper's home, after he and his belongings were urinated on by a drunk passer-by.
Why journalism students (and many who teach it) will be glad to see the back of the Daily Mail's editor  Journalism is still a popular choice for students, but the harsh realities of the media industry can can crush idealism.
Russian influence in the Brexit vote? We don't really know how to deal with that  The rules are clear on campaign donations but meetings with foreign representatives are more of a grey area.
Tory rebels back down on Brexit vote: but what does that actually mean?  It has been a confusing few weeks on the Tory benches. Here's how to understand the dispute between Brexit rebels and the PM.
'Please Alexa': Are we beginning to recognise the rights of intelligent machines?  It is just as much for our own sake, as for the sake of robots, that we should begin recognising the rights of intelligent machines.
We're working on a more accurate pollen forecasting system using plant DNA  Unlocking the genetic code of certain grasses could help allergy sufferers.
What drugs are students taking and why are they taking them?  Students used to take drugs to get high, now they are using them to get better grades.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z: the world is going APES**T for their vision of black culture  Teeming with references to African culture and experience, the couple's latest work places 'blackness'at the heart of the Western...
OPEC meetings: why it's so hard to predict how the oil market will react  Our research on the oil cartel shows, that it really matters whether OPEC members 'failed to agree' or 'agreed to disagree'.
Why it's okay for bilingual children to mix languages  Being bilingual is not just about learning two languages, it's about absorbing meaning, negotiating and being flexible when it comes to language.
India's colonial legacy almost caused Bangalore to run out of water  Bangalore's forgotten water wells are being revived, to help the city overcome centuries-old supply issues.
Is the 3.4% spending increase enough to 'save' the NHS?  NHS England has been given a 'birthday gift' – a gift that's hard to get excited about.
How to build a winning team spirit at the World Cup  Sporting success depends on strong squad bonds.
Exemption for doctors and nurses may not prevent Tier 2 skilled visa cap being hit in future  New analysis from the Migration Observatory suggests skilled visa could still be refused in the future despite recent moves to exempt ...
Investigation gets underway over Carl Sargeant tragedy and Welsh first minister  First Minister Carwyn Jones is due to face intense scrutiny as an investigation into the dismissal of former AM Carl Sargeant begins.
Why homosexual behaviour in insects may be a case of mistaken identity  Up to half of insect sex can involve two males but our study suggests it's probably less design and more a case of mistaken identity.
Shut down business schools? Two professors debate  Ken Starkey defends the importance of business schools, while Martin Parker says 'bring in the bulldozers'.
Abortion ban in Northern Ireland likely to worsen mental health crisis  Female suicide rate in Northern Ireland is high, and ambivalence about legalising abortion is likely to make matters worse.
In praise of the midges pestering footballers in the World Cup  Footballers came under attack from a swarm of flies on the Volgograd pitch. But there's more to midges and gnats than meets the eye.
China and the US are racing to develop AI weapons  Disruptive technology is fundamentally reshaping global security, and potentially laying the ground for a US-China conflict.
Cannabis: how British laws around the drug have evolved  The Home Office has announced a review of the law around medical cannabis in Britain – so what does the law say?
Self-heating drinks cans set for a relaunch - here's how they work  US firm HeatGenie is hoping to revive a technology that has surprising origins in World War II and beyond.
How reliable is your wearable heart-rate monitor?  Heart-rate monitors can be accurate – as long as you don't move.
Surrogacy: what you need to know about having a baby  The number of UK babies being born to surrogate mothers has risen by 255% in the past six years.
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