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Jeremy Corbyn's unity government plan: these are the numbers he would need to block no-deal Brexit  The Labour leader wants to call a vote of no confidence, form a short-term government and then quickly call an election. Can it ...
How AI and robots will help safeguard our offshore energy infrastructure in the future  The revolution in offshore wind for UK energy supply has begun, but we will need the help of AI and robots to sustain it effectively.
AMPK: new research into cancer's 'good cop/bad cop' protein could help develop more effective drugs  AMPK is normally a tumour suppressor. But once cancer arises, AMPK becomes a tumour promoter, enhancing the survival of cancer ...
Hong Kong protests and Brexit could both end up benefiting financial elites  Hong Kong’s protesters like many Brexiters seek political freedom – but this may come at a heavy price.
Libya: ongoing atrocities reveal the trouble with international military intervention  The NATO-led military intervention in Libya has just fuelled more violence.
Cannibalism is common in the animal kingdom -- here's why for humans it's the ultimate taboo  We could one day adapt to eating the flesh of our own kind - but not until our lives depend on it.
Top climate scientist: I put myself through hell as an IPCC convening lead author, but it was worth it  Every word of the 40-page summary document has to be agreed by representatives of 195 governments.
Festivals can transform cities by making space for overlooked people and cultures  From Cape Town to Kisumu and Greater Manchester, cities around the world are seeing the benefits of festivals that celebrate traditions and...
Questions remain unanswered in Malta, nearly two years after journalist's murder  Daphne Caruana Galizia was investigating several corruption scandals when she was murdered in 2017. The government continues to avoid serious...
The US branding China a 'currency manipulator' threatens global stability  The US and China have an interdependent economic relationship. If this unravels it will have global ramifications.
How national stereotypes killed the European dream of 19th century philosophers  The battle between nationalism and a wider European identity in the 19th century has influenced philosophy to this day.
Finding Dory did not increase demand for pet fish despite viral media stories  The 'Nemo effect' wasn't real, and new research also found no evidence Dory led to increased imports of wild blue tang fish.
Get rid of private schools? We'd be better tackling inequalities between state schools  Integrating private schools into the state system will offer little benefit to socially disadvantaged pupils. Addressing the inequalities...
Who won the war? We did, says everyone  New research suggests people from Germany, Russia, the UK and US all think their own country was the most important in World War II.
How will we travel the world in 2050?  More than a century since humans learned to fly, we need to revolutionise how we stay up there.
A-level results: a minority of students achieve predicted marks, so yes the system should be reformed  Only 16% of predicted grades are accurate and the current system penalises disadvantaged students and those from minority...
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