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  Painstaking reconstruction of fragments of text has revealed the working draft of an ancient Jewish calendar and priestly duty schedule.
  The EU's regional policy has brought investment to large parts of the UK that have otherwise been neglected by Westminster.
  Researchers have developed a game to 'vaccinate' people against fake news – by showing them how to become a fake news mogul.
  Donald Trump doesn't have one foreign policy – he has several, and they all clash.
  Judges and juries may not appreciate the nuances of messages from online dating services used as evidence in trials.
  Four peace agreements have been struck to try and keep Ukraine on an even keel, but none of them has resolved the conflict's fundamental problems.
  Everything you need to know to prepare your business for changes to data protection law in the EU on May 25.
  Sometimes diplomacy won the day, sometimes it didn't.
  The statistics point remorselessly towards obesity being a symptom with an underlying social cause. That should completely change the approach...
  Using real apes and monkeys as actors in film and TV encourages people to see them as pets.
  In an age of increased scrutiny, violent and repressive states are turning to subtler methods of removing dissidents and opponents.
  Nuclear bomb tests potentially mark the start of a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene.
  The science behind the suits that gave our medal-winning athletes a crucial speed boost.
  The prime minister conceded that the UK must continue to abide by European Court of Justice rulings, even after Brexit.
  Climate change could hurt Indian farmers' income by up to 20-25% in the medium term.
  Genetic research could help us produce new ways of diagnosing and treating depression and suicidal ideation – including a 'death smell...
  A homeless man was found dead at Westminster station, on the doorstep of the Palace of Westminster.
  As tens of thousands of injured soldiers filled the UK's overwhelmed hospitals, the scale of World War I became all too apparent.
  Anticipating a future event is just as good for you as the thing itself.
  The fossil fuel era won't last forever. And a new set of countries will find their reserves of lithium, copper and rare earth...
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