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  Detailed images of the anti-ageing enzyme telomerase are a drug designer's dream
  With obesity affecting so many students, it's better to give them cheap, appealing food and drink choices at school.
  By focusing on one nerve, researchers have found a way to vastly improve chronic patients' health and wellbeing.
  An immigration law expert on what it's like to navigate the UK's hostile environment.
  After his death at the age of 82, a look at the deeply affecting impressionistic films of Studio Ghibli's unsung co-founder .
  British colonial rule of Iraq led to some intriguing language swaps.
  All the proofs in the world won't change a convinced flat earther's mind.
  India's Food Safety and Standards Authority needs to get a grip of unproven claims about the health benefits of certain products.
  The UK's black Caribbean community is traditionally more inclined towards Labour. They're even less likely to switch now.
  A recent intervention by the US, the UK and France is only part of a far broader – and deadlier – campaign.
  It's nearly impossible to kill, so we need to start working with Japanese knotweed to control it.
  Statistics are political – so we should question the recent drop in government estimates of British citizens living in the EU.
  It's 65 years since the structure of DNA was first published, but the woman who made that possible remains unknown to many people.
  Personalisation has made decisions easier and quicker – but it is still large corporations, rather than individual users, who benefit most.
  Interactive cinema and the arts are at the forefront of research into brain-computer interaction.
  We looked at ten countries in East Africa and found poverty and politics were much more important drivers of conflict and displacement than climate change.
  The Home Office threw away landing documents that are now vital to people trying to prove their right to stay in the UK.
  An attack on a voter registration killed at least 57 people, and left scores more deciding where to go now.
  Being more caring could lead to more female doctors burning out.
  Cities are adapting to the needs of driverless cars. Here's how.
  A pilot requiring some voters to show ID in May's local elections could be the next blow for the Windrush generation.
  The government's Snoopers' Charter didn't permit blanket indiscriminate data retention, the Court of Appeal recently ruled. I strongly disagree.
  Why use bullets when you have crayons?
  A California judge ruled coffee should carry a cancer warning label but the evidence says something very different.
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