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  Many governments say they are led by the science – so how do they come to such different conclusions?
  It might seem like the constant reminder of how much danger we are in would make us act responsibly, but research suggests the contrary is true.
  The worst effects of social distancing will undoubtedly be felt by the young, the poor and the socially disadvantaged.
  A group of population experts have called on governments in Latin American and the Caribbean to urgently ramp up testing for...
  If you wear latex gloves for protection, you need to change them as often as your hands need to be washed.
  The UK doesn't have a set back-up plan when a prime minister is unwell, but there are clear procedures in place.
  To understand what is going on, it helps to look back at past leaders and their first secretaries.
  People can work together without talking about fighting an enemy.
  His songs struck a chord with millions and Lean on Me has become an anthem for the coronavirus pandemic.
  By not talking about climate change, especially the powerful emotions it can provoke, misinformation and eco-anxiety may take root.
  Our research calculates how dangerous different vehicles are to other people.
  Domestic gardens offer an oases for urban wildlife, and are a sight for sore eyes during lockdown.
  Too may countries are drastically unprepared for the coming weeks and months.
  These graphs reveal something you may have not seen illustrated before.
  For some diseases, the dose of virus a person is exposed to is directly linked to how severe the disease is.
  The great walker and poet can give us much to ponder and marvel at on our daily jaunts
  Many governments and health organisations have been reviewing their advice on face masks – here's why.
  Exams are the currency of the education marketplace.
  Using antibodies to trap the virus could create near-instant pregnancy test-style kits.
  There are twice as many tigers in the US as there are in the wild. 
  It takes a period of mental adjustment to get over such big changes but optimism and structure could help.
  Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has called for fewer cars and better public transport.
  History shows us that when police forces apply the rules unevenly, some groups are hit harder than others.
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