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The big BBQ debate: how best to fuel your outdoor feast  A nutritionist's expert view on barbecue success.
Why there's been a boom in discovering new species despite a biodiversity crisis  How can there be boom in new species discoveries while others are dying out at unprecedented rates?
'Cwtch': what the most famous Welsh-English word reveals about global dialects  Probably the most famous 'Welsh' word, 'cwtch' is the perfect example of a dialect term.
Indonesia earthquake: how scrap tyres could stop buildings collapsing  Researchers are using a rubber-soil mixture to make earthquake-proof foundations.
Madonna: pop's superlative shapeshifter turns 60 with style  Happy birthday Ms Ciccone – everybody wants to party with you.
Darwin's theory of evolution owes more to his garden than the Galápagos  Was Darwin inspired by the tropical wildlife of his travels to discover natural selection? Actually, pigeons, worms and barnacles were far more prominent...
Anaemia: why is it still affecting women?  Iron deficiency anaemia is an under-recognised condition, but one that can have serious health consequences.
What is nothing? Martin Rees Q&A  From a mysterious energy of empty space to parallel universes, cosmology's view of 'nothing' is anything but boring.
A-level results: should universities lower entry grades for disadvantaged students?  Research shows that 80% of medical students come from just 20% of the UK's secondary schools.
Wearing an ill-fitting bra isn't just uncomfortable, it's bad for your health  Here's how to choose a bra that's right for you.
Pregnancy loss: how to find the right words to talk about it  It's hard to know where to start. But using the right language can help.
Climate models predict the world will be 'anomalously warm' until 2022  The warm period will occur even on top of regular climate change.
DRC may provide model for containing future Ebola outbreaks  The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been hit with another Ebola outbreak. This may be the test case for how to deal with future outbreaks.
A-levels: how to stop stressing over exam results  Beat exam stress with these top tips.
Pakistani elections are flawed, but poor rural voters are taking control  In a country where less-than-democratic elites wield substantial power, bottom-up politics is still alive and well.
Why universal basic income costs far less than you think  The universal basic income movement has a major problem: both critics and even many supporters don’t understand how much it would really cost.
Here's a mental health workout that's as simple as ABC  People intuitively know what is best for their mental health. A new approach suggests enforcing this belief like regular exercise.
Boris Johnson: is there really a grand plan behind his burqa comments?  Some argue the former foreign secretary's remarks about Muslim women are a play to win support from certain parts of his party. But he really isn't ...
Wales's tourism problem is down to a disconnect with its own people  Since the 1970s, Wales has been marketed as a footnote to British history.
Syria's White Helmets and the long history of attacking wartime humanitarians  Smear campaigns against humanitarian volunteers in war zones are nothing new.
You may call me a BAME author, but this misleading term hides more than it reveals  Author Sheena Kalayil writes about her global life and why believes the BAME acronym tells people nothing about her.
Children in Greenland are getting taller and healthier  The general health of Greenlandic children is now as good as that of their European peers – perhaps even better.
Rohingya crisis: a year since it shocked the world, what's changed?  One of the world's worst refugee crises is still unfolding, and conditions on the ground have barely improved.
How we use good deeds to justify immoral behaviour  Think you are a moral person? Research shows that we are often prone to act immorally when we think we're moral.
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