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Danske Bank: the story of Europe's biggest money laundering scandal  Denmark's biggest financial institution has admitted that around €200 billion of questionable money flowed through its Estonian branch from 2007-15.
Brazil: #elenão and the vibrant women's movement rallying against far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro  Women are fighting to tip the Brazilian election by using morals over politics.
Sponges from Mars? Study suggests water on the red planet could support life  There's enough dissolved oxygen in the salty lake below Mars' surface to support simple lifeforms such as sponges. Here's what that means ...
Pokémon Go is not dead, it has 5m loyal players and it's changing people's lives  It's withstood the test of time, and it's leading people to get out of the house, travel around and spend more time with their families.
Constant anxiety of benefit sanctions is toxic for mental health of disabled people  A new study has highlighted the damaging psychological impact of welfare conditionality on disabled people.
Video games could be a short-term answer to science's gender problem  New research shows girls are more likely to take physical science or technology degrees if they play video games.
#metoo: a year on, media troll women when journalists should be tackling causes of sexual abuse  A year after #metoo caught the world's attention, is the media letting the campaign down?
Growing evidence that noise is bad for your health  The World Health Organisation has issued noise guidelines for Europe, but they apply to everyone.
Ocean Cleanup won't turn a profit, but we should still do it  Research finds removing plastic from the ocean has huge economic benefits, even if there is little money to be made doing so.
County lines: the dark realities of life for teenage drug runners  Teenagers become indentured to drug dealers after owing them money for weed, creating a hierarchy of exploitation with the user at the bottom.
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