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  We don't always realise it, but emotions play a positive role in decision making.
  A new study aims to understand how thoughts and feelings influence pain.
  Knowing what genes cause antibiotic resistance -- and where they are in the body -- is critical for preventing further antibiotic resistance.
  'Leaky dams' and tree planting are useful against smaller floods, but they won't hold back the water after a major storm.
  The BBC is under threat as the government considers abolishing the licence fee. This would be a disaster.
  The Goop Lab obscures the distinction between entertainment and evidence.
  Urban safety is as much about inclusion and belonging as it is about better lighting and CCTV.
  Rules help to shape society – but always question why they're are there and who they serve.
  Hailed as a genius at the mixing desk, Weatherall's eclectic knowledge and skill came to define a musical era.
  Cyber security firms have sparked a revolution similar to the spread of private police forces.
  Participants were asked to choose between white and ethnic minority candidates.
  It is important that police forces and the CPS are able to recognise that coercive control and couple violence are different and require...
  A drug created to target this gene was found to be effective in treating autoimmune conditions like lupus and psoriasis.
  Anti-vaccinators today echo 200-year-old debates.
  China needs to tell the world what is going on in its detention camps in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.
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