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  SONGS aiming for the lucrative Radio 2 playlist have to be bland enough to offend no-one while remaining just about memorable. Here’s how to make your ditty dull enough to soar.
  A 34-YEAR-OLD woman believes she can reverse the damage inflicted by years of fags and booze with a rejuvenating face mask.
  WERE you incredibly popular aged 11-16 but have since become one more drop in humanity’s ocean? Here’s what to do to feel special again.
  PEOPLE who have been complaining about the evils of Amazon for years have been forced to admit that the Saudi Arabian Royal family might just...
  BORIS Johnson has promised a points-based immigration after Brexit, but Australia’s got that and they’re still mad racist. Here are a few systems Brexiters would prefer.
  A MAN attempting to counsel a female friend after a breakup has run out of platitudes in record time, he has admitted.
  FORECASTERS have warned that the current cold weather will continue as long as Britain remains an island betweeen continental Europe and the...
  GREGGS have confirmed that there has not been any meat or animal products in their steak bakes since 2005.
  AN idiot has convinced himself that life will be difficult for the Duke of Sussex from this point on. 
  A WOMAN who left her reusable flask at home has been coming in late from work with brown lips and stinking of pumpkin spiced latte.
  PRODUCERS of the James Bond franchise have confirmed that there will never be a ginger Bond for as long as they have any say in the matter.
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