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These are the foldable phones that will define MWC 2019  Folding smartphones are about to drop – here's what to expect from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and more
Monday briefing: Parliament calls for social media regulation in final 'fake news' report  DCMS committee warns that 'democracy is at risk' from social media disinformation, the February 8 Australian government hack has ...
These gym clothes are literally made out of human sweat  Designer Alice Potts turns human sweat crystals into a material to use in her unusual fashion accessories
Inside the London tech scene's frantic plan to stop Brexit  Britain's techies still want to bring Brexit crashing down – and they're scrambling to build the tools to do so
A remote Curiosity rover hack just helped crack a Martian mystery  Curiosity was sent to the Red Planet to search for life. Until researchers on Earth tweaked its innards and made it detect whiskers of Martian gravity
This robotic suit helps baby boomers boost their bocce game  The Seismic body suit incorporates artificial muscles that help strengthen the wearer's core so they can push their body that little bit harder
Are the algorithms that power dating apps racially biased?  If the algorithms powering these match-making systems contain pre-existing biases, is the onus on dating apps to counteract them?
This massive lantern is actually a power plant in Finland  The Länsisalmi substation will distribute electricity to 800,000 people
Inside the endless hunt for the perfect male contraceptive  When the pill launched in the 60s, it ignited hopes for male hormonal contraceptives. But after decades of false starts, promising approaches are finally on the horizon
The weird rise of cyber funerals  When you die in the real world, it’s only right and proper that you're allowed to die online
Far Cry New Dawn shows why more games need to recycle open worlds  Far Cry New Dawn is set based on the same map of Far Cry 5. So why don't more developers re-use their vast open worlds, or even open them up to others?
The stressful, gruelling reality of being a #RelationshipGoals couple  The new celebrity couples are Instagrammers and YouTubers whose relationships become their brand, but living up to #RelationshipGoals can be a struggle
Think Tinder has changed the nature of love? Science disagrees  Technology's impact on love can be felt in some ways – but is it as predictable as we think?
Why did the Airbus A380 fail?  The A380 was hailed as the future of air travel. How did Airbus get it so wrong?
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