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  Bad news for Sonos lifers as the brand stops providing updates to legacy speakers this May, including the first-gen Play:5 – and it could make them redundant in the future
  Disney+ will be £5.99 in the UK – making it the same price as Netflix's cheapest package. Here's what you need to know about Disney's streaming service
  In the “stub” inhabited by Agency’s protagonist, Americans didn’t vote Trump into office and Brits didn’t vote for Brexit. It’s not without its troubles,...
  More of us are buying electric cars than ever before, but our emissions are still going up. Falling diesel and rising SUV sales are to blame
  Because banks have had a captive audience, many services they offer are woefully out of step with a globalised society – none more so than international payments
  Your digital self is fragmented and wholly owned by third parties – but identity activist Kaliya Young has a plan to help us pull ourselves together, and make tech fairer for all
  Videocalls are for Fridays and Mondays. Emails are for Mornings and late afternoons. To prevent our attention fragmenting, we need to rediscover the value...
  If your phone is constantly blowing up with messages and alerts that make work impossible, here are some simple ways to get your time back
  Plants are the new pets are the new kids. As such the least you can do is treat your indoor garden with the respect it deserves with these nifty tools, apps and kits
  Whether you're a fan of them or not, video calls are here to stay. Here are three simple rules to make them work for you before switching on your camera
  If clothing companies believe they have a captive clientele that loves them, they are wrong. These new fashionistas only care about clothes that help their own brand
  The widespread fears of a robot uprising are not only wrong – they are blocking us from better working conditions
  WIRED Recommends the best iPhone cases for the clumsy, the stylish and the compost-inclined
  The pace of innovation in schools has been sluggish, but a new breed of smart tools will make sense of standardised tests – and tailor learning to each pupil
  900 million Windows PCs could have been impacted by the flaw
  ITV has made millions by teaming up with an app developer on Love Island – and its success hints at the future of the TV business
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