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  Ben Askren does not see the likes of Colby Covington or any other UFC welterweight defeating Tyron Woodley anytime soon.
  Without every single one of them, the cosmic story that created you would be an impossibility.
  Video hosting giant YouTube says it will take action against a swathe of predatory content uploaded to its platform showing children in a variety...
  We love music, we just don't enjoy being farted on by extremely tall men. View Entire Post ›
  The move has sparked fury in the UK where five councils have spent the past 12 months painstakingly preparing their bids.
  Natalie Gordon (pictured), 44, allegedly encouraged Matthew Birkinshaw to kill himself, and within two days of meeting online, she went to Rutland Water with him where...
  Scottish ministers are to take part in a huge sleep out to raise money for a charity helping the homeless.
  Officials hunting for a missing Argentine submarine said a sound recorded near where the vessel disappeared is "consistent...
  Only 12 men walked on the moon - one of them was Alan Bean. As part of Apollo 12, he was the fourth to do so. Now Bean paints lunar landscapes...
  Years of work to create a dementia-friendly community have come to a head has a dementia cafe has been awarded a grant from The National Lottery.
  Violent stalker Fatmir Stafasani has been jailed after abseiling into a mother's Fulham flat and bludgeoning her with a crowbar.
  Radek Stepanek, who announced his retirement earlier this month, could join Novak Djokovic's coaching team alongside Andre...
  The InSight mission was initially scheduled to launch last year, however, it was postponed due to a leaky container.
  This sale will have your emptying your wish list into the basket.
  No matter how many unread books you own, there's always room for more. View Entire Post ›
  A GIANT asteroid named after a foolhardy Greek god who nearly wiped out all life on our planet is...
  Report found that Manhattan, the White House, the Pentagon and the US territory of Guam were all possible targets.
  It is a beer brewed in memory of the night Great Yarmouth was targeted by German bombers in the Second World War.
  The IAMP will cover more than 150 hectares and is aimed at attracting in excess of £300m of private sector investment
  MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's foreign ministry said on Thursday that moves by Alphabet Inc's Google to place articles from Russian news outlets Sputnik and...
  Warning: Video contains extremely distressing footage.
  New research reveals a happy work force is likely to increase a business's profitability.
  Using mouthwash twice a day increasing a person's chances of contracting diabetes by 50 per cent, a new study has claimed.
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