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Paedophile hunters: how citizen-led policing is putting people's lives at risk  The ethical implications of putting vigilantes on the front line in the battle against child sex abuse.
US government shutdown: Trump's insecurity is the biggest obstacle to a solution  According to Gallup, 88% of Republicans currently approve of the president – so why's he so worried about his wall?
The Riz Test: how Muslims are misrepresented in film and TV  Muslims have long been unfairly stereotyped in films and on TV.
How the Trump brand is faring, two years after the president's inauguration  Has the relationship between the Trump brand and the US president's politics gone too far?
Is there any point in recycling?  There are lots of issues with recycling – but it's still an important part of society's efforts to live more sustainably.
Refugees and family migrants more likely to feel British than other immigrants  New research suggests that refugees and family migrants are more likely to report a British identity than economic migrants.
Francis Bacon: the 17th-century philosopher whose scientific ideas could tackle climate change today  Bacon helped usher in the scientific revolution. If we're serious about combatting global warming, we should follow his...
Brexit brinkmanship: a game theory expert on where Jeremy Corybn and Theresa May go from here  Corbyn says he won't talk to the prime minister until she takes no-deal Brexit off the table. But will his gamble deliver the...
Pollinators: switch street lights off at midnight to help moths and nocturnal wildlife  Turning street lights off at midnight could save money, energy and help nocturnal ecosystems thrive.
Salvador Dalí: entertainer who brought Surrealism to a mass market  The Spanish artist was a master self-publicist and one of the most important thinkers in 20th-century art.
Google and Facebook: the real reason they should be broken up is China  Monopolies are bad for innovation and dismantling them would help the US economy compete.
Biased algorithms: here's a more radical approach to creating fairness  An ethicist on why fixing algorithms may not be the best response to algorithmic bias.
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