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Six simple ways to fill your wardrobe with sustainable clothing  Making more sustainable fashion choices doesn't require a massive lifestyle change.
Green New Deal: universal basic income could make green transition feasible  If society is serious about a Green New Deal, we'll need universal basic income to implement it.
Facebook's plan to protect the European elections comes up short  Several flaws have already emerged in Facebook's new measures to stop improper political influence.
Knife crime: why harsh prison sentences aren't the answer for young people who carry knives  Vulnerable young people have been failed by austerity policies that have decimated the services meant to protect them.
Britain's NHS is not that great, say EU migrants  Most EU migrants would prefer to be treated in their country of origin.
Big gods came after the rise of civilisations, not before, finds study using huge historical database  God only started watching over us quite recently, according to a new study that analysed 414 societies from 30 world regions.
Theresa May requests short Brexit extension: how to understand this reckless move  Just a week after her government said seeking a short extension would be a wrong move, the prime minister has folded.
Meghan Markle: reports of her 'British accent' sound like journalistic licence, say linguistics experts  When you listen very closely, the Duchess of Sussex still sounds like she's from Los Angeles.
The Mueller probe: Kenneth Starr sees 'eerie echoes' of his 1990s Clinton investigation  Those awaiting a rollicking read from Robert Mueller may need to manage their expectations.
Domestic abuse: the psychology of coercive control remains a legal battlefield  Lawyers and jurors need to know what causes people to behave the way they do.
British army: should 16-year-olds be able to enlist? Academic experts debate  In the UK, it's possible to join the army as a soldier at the age of 16, with parental permission. Is it right?
Ending austerity: make tax fairer and more transparent  Imagine if the amount of tax everyone paid was public knowledge – they do it in Sweden.
The unspoken violence of Donald Trump's border wall  How man-made barriers can harm humanity for centuries.
Christchurch attacks show Islamophobia is real, deadly and spreading around the world  Some commentators argue Islamophobia does not exist. It does, and it's deadly.
Boeing 737 MAX: after two fatal crashes, an expert explains the issues  The Boeing 737 is the most produced commercial aeroplane in history – so what might have gone wrong?
Students, this is how you can stand out from the crowd in a very competitive job market  When a degree is not enough, how can students make themselves more employable?
Brexit: Ireland determined to avoid no-deal scenario as UK plays politics with the Irish border  The UK's no-deal tariff plan was viewed in Dublin as a way to scare Brexiteers into supporting Theresa May's deal.
The Wandering Earth: why you need to see China's latest sci-fi blockbuster  A Chinese sci-fi epic is breaking box office records and exporting a vision of a new world order as it does so.
Eggs and health: unscrambling the message  Some of the advice on eggs should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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