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  Ever noticed that weird little blob at the bottom of your Switch screen? Ever wondered what it's there for? Nintendo has the answer.
  The Netflix series proved to be a 2019 favourite.
  It was only when I started to arm myself with facts about HPV that I realised these fears weren't true.
  Claude Bosi said he feels 'unwelcome' in the UK after the Home Office denied him settled status.
  He was found by his mother the morning after a night out 'slumped on the floor' at home.
  Could Tevez really return to Old Trafford?
  Some of these savings are immense.
  The Last Of Us was going to get a short film to bridge the gap between it and its sequel, but it's been cancelled for unknown reasons.
  'It is just not acceptable that families who have loved ones affected by brain tumours are sent home and told to make memories.'
  Deals will be found in stores and online.
  The Med diet also improves blood pressure and glucose levels.
  'I genuinely didn’t think I would make it to 17.'
  The government's emergency committee was scrambled after Public Health England warned it is 'highly likely' cases will be seen in UK.
  I spent 25 years in the police force - it's time for them to protect us.
  The Wii U isn't quite dead yet apparently, with a new indie game scheduled to be released on Nintendo's mothballed console.
  They made a bizarre appeal for witnesses by re-enacting the illegal campus romp. 
  The virus has killed people in China and has already infected people living in other countries.
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