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  'So, please don't increase the tax on diesel just to look green.'
  Aged six, the now 70-year-old contracted polio.
  With retailers announcing Black Friday sales well in advance of the day itself, there are already amazing deals to be had.
  Boots seem to feel that a man being able to get an erection is more important than a woman's reproductive freedom.
  She changed her diet after she couldn't fit into a rollercoaster seat at Thorpe Park.
  Never underestimate just how ridiculous fashion can be.
  The stranger ‘smiled’ as she snatched the toddler’s reins.
  British researchers say that tiny microbes from other planets may have wafted through the void and spread life throughout the solar system
  She had told him he couldn’t go to the loo because the seatbelt signs had been switched on for take off.
  Bad days can be terrible and terrifying.
  Get on their site for the best of their Black Friday deals just for today.
  Noise-free shopping sounds ideal for a whole load of people, let alone autism sufferers.
  Apple's £999 smartphone has a clever facial recognition feature which could prove disastrous if you're not aware of it
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