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17 Rom-Com Endings That Are So Good, They'll Make You Believe In Love  "I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as ...
Quiz: Which Neopolitan Ice Cream Flavor Are You?  Are you more strawberry or vanilla? View Entire Post ›
Lizzo And Justin Timberlake Shook Me Up With This 7 Second Preview Of Their New Song  I know a bop when I hear it. ?? View Entire Post ›
Here Are The 13 Best Movie Fight Scenes Of The 21st Century  Get ready for a post full of "I'm right, fight me" jokes! View Entire Post ›
13 Unfortunate But Hilarious Fails From This Week  Featuring a lot of dating app fails. View Entire Post ›
Parents Are Sharing Times Their Kids Made Them Say, "Weird Flex, But OK"  "I know everything until you ask me a question." —a very profound-yet-confused child View Entire Post ›
25 Hilarious Jokes Women Tweeted This Week  "'How old are you?' I'm 'had to get invited to gmail' years old." View Entire Post ›
16 Little Things Couples Realized About Each Other When They Moved In Together  Hair. There's hair everywhere. View Entire Post ›
Jeremy Corbyn Is The Social Media King That Boris Johnson Is Yet To Match  Boris Johnson has a long way to go to match the size and engagement of his rival’s online support base, a news analysis for BuzzFeed News reveals. View...
15 Millennials Who Are D-O-N-E With Baby Boomers  With bad manners, rude emails, and more. View Entire Post ›
Ashley Benson Hated Her Bangs In "13 Going On 30," And It's So Relatable  "I cried my eyes out for days." View Entire Post ›
Noah Centineo Said Goodbye To His Character Peter Kavinsky And Hearts Are Breaking Everywhere  "I hope you all love these last instalments as much as we do. Forever grateful for the opportunity to be yours." View...
18 Hilarious Tweets From This Week  RIP to the guy whose girlfriend has printed out screenshots. View Entire Post ›
Here Are The Goobest Dog Posts From This Week  Too GOOOOOOOOOB. View Entire Post ›
An Instagram Feud Between Rappers Led To The Shooting Death Of A Nine-Year-Old Girl, Authorities Say  East Dallas girl Brandoniya Bennett was getting ready for school the next day and sitting on her couch when she was hit in...
I Walked Through The Desert To Make It To America. Then They Took Me To The Ice Box.  Coming to a new country is like coming into a stranger’s home. At the US border, we are not treated like guests, and we're barely treated ...
14 Weird And Creepy Kids I Just Want To Thank For Making Me Laugh  Gotta love a weird kiddo. View Entire Post ›
Remember That Hangover Cure "Cheers" From "Shark Tank"? I Tried It, And It Really Worked  I hate being hungover, so I tried Cheers, a supplement for hangovers, and my life has been changed for the better...
Is Billie Eilish An Industry Plant?  The teen singer transitioned from streaming darling to full-fledged pop star this summer. But is her success as groundbreaking as it seems? View Entire Post ›
I Fixed These 12 Slightly Annoying Photos So That They're Satisfying Instead  First you'll be like "AARGH!" But then you'll be like "Ahhhh, nice." View Entire Post ›
Are These Favours Reasonable Or Ridiculous?  Would you help someone move house? View Entire Post ›
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