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What's The Strangest, Funniest, Or Creepiest Thing You've Found At A Thrift Store?  Show us your ~freakiest~ hauls!!!!!!! View Entire Post ›
Sort "The Office" Characters Into The Hogwarts House You Think They Should Be In  Who's a Slytherin and who's a Gryffindor? View Entire Post ›
The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Was Found 23 Minutes After The First Fire Alarm Went Off  Only when a second alarm went off was the fire found in the attic of the centuries-old cathedral. View Entire Post ›
I Tried The Three-Ingredient Tomato Sauce That Cooks Love  The food world seriously loves this sauce, so I needed to try it. View Entire Post ›
Which Cereal Corresponds With Your Favorite Throwback TV Show?  You're magically delicious! View Entire Post ›
Build An Outfit And We'll Reveal Your Most Attractive Quality  Your best quality might be your sense of fashion. View Entire Post ›
Here's The Timeline Of How Anti-Muslim Disinformation Started During The Notre Dame Fire  This is how disinformation spread from fringe message boards and social media to far-right websites and cable news. View Entire Post ›
If You're A Millenial, You Should Get 100% On This Lyrics Quiz  It's the year 2005. You're carpooling to dance class when your friend's mom turns on the radio and everyone starts singing along. Can you keep up? View ...
34 Celebrities Who Are Way Smarter Than The Rest Of Us  BRB, asking Kesha for help with my homework. View Entire Post ›
What Are Your Unpopular "Gilmore Girls" Opinions?  #TeamJess for life. View Entire Post ›
A Government Minister Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread  Two prominent online journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor. View Entire Post ›
Millennials Will Be Lucky If They Get Even A 5/15 On This Quiz  Sorry, millennials, but you win some, you lose some. View Entire Post ›
15 Game-Changing Starbucks Hacks That Are So Simple, They're Genius  You haven't lived until you've had a brownie in your oatmeal cup. View Entire Post ›
Which "Mamma Mia" Character Are You Actually?  Your options: Donna and the Dynamos! View Entire Post ›
If You Get 8/9 On This Pixar Quiz, You Belong In A Pixar Movie  Can you find Nemo? View Entire Post ›
Here's Everything Coming To Hulu In May  Including the much anticipated book-to-series, Catch-22! View Entire Post ›
19 "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 1 Scenes Ranked From Least To Most Impactful  WARNING: Contains all of the spoilers. View Entire Post ›
19 Ridiculous Eats From Coachella This Year  "If they think I’m paying $20 for one of these... they’re absolutely right." View Entire Post ›
18 Tweets About Pregnancy That'll Make You Laugh Until You Pee A Little  "Is 9 at night really a good time to start a fight with your pregnant wife?" View Entire Post ›
Ever Wonder Which "Aquamarine" Character You're Most Like?  Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid... In that case, always be a mermaid. View Entire Post ›
A Heroic Priest And Human Chain Saved Priceless Holy Relics From The Notre Dame Fire  Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, led the charge to retrieve the cathedral's precious artifacts. View...
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