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17 Times People Went Out Of Their Way To Help Complete Strangers  Humanity isn't half bad after all. View Entire Post ›
We Know How Fancy You Are Based On The Six Course Meal You Create  Hors d'oeuvres, anyone? View Entire Post ›
Stephen Colbert Spoke About Loss And Even Anderson Cooper Couldn't Keep It Together  He spoke about losing his father and his two brothers at the age of 10. View Entire Post ›
Tell Us The Craziest Thing Happened On One Of Your School Trips  What's the one incident that went down in school history? View Entire Post ›
Dwayne Johnson Just Announced That He Got Married Over The Weekend And It's Super Cute  Johnson tied the knot with longtime partner Lauren Hashian in an oceanside ceremony in Hawaii on Sunday. View Entire Post ›
Incoming: To All The Glaciers I've Melted Before  China's crackdown on Hong Kong protesters, a funeral in El Paso, Boris Johnson to meet European leaders. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 19. View Entire Post ›
Kim Kardashian Said She Would Do Anything For Paris Hilton Because "She Gave Me A Career"  "I really would wanna do anything for her. She literally gave me a career and I totally acknowledge that." View...
What Movie Adaptation Of A Book Really Disappointed You?  What silver screen rendition totally let you down? View Entire Post ›
A Court Added Five Years To The 7-Eleven Axe Attacker's Sentence  Evie Amati will now spend at least eight years in prison. View Entire Post ›
New Zealand Has Taken A Shot At Australia's Deportation Policy  "Only 1% of total deportations from New Zealand are to Australia, while more than 50% of total deportations from Australia are to New Zealand." View...
To All The Women Who Have Accidentally Sat On The Toilet Rim: You're Not Alone  I will never stop fighting for this cause. View Entire Post ›
25 Of The Most Heartbreaking Celebrity Breakups Of All Time  No, I will not stop saying love is dead every time a famous couple breaks up. View Entire Post ›
10 Grocery Stores That Are Kinda Genius, And 10 That Are Kinda Infuriating  Double-sided receipts = genius. View Entire Post ›
Do You Associate These Random Words With The Same Color As Everyone Else?  What color do YOU think "music" is??? View Entire Post ›
21 Cute And Spooky Tattoos For All Self-Proclaimed Occultists  Ghosts and cauldrons and tarot, OH MY!!!!!!!! View Entire Post ›
17 Cake Decorators Who Must Be Comedians On The Side  Hey, as long as it tastes good I'm not offended. View Entire Post ›
16 Times Dr. Spaceman Was The Funniest Part Of "30 Rock"  "We have no way of knowing where the heart is. See, every human is different." View Entire Post ›
23 VSCO Girl Tweets That Are Pretty Funny  "Every time I see a sunset, my inner VSCO girl comes out." View Entire Post ›
I Don't Think You'll Get A Perfect Score On This Pizza Quiz, But You Can Try  This quiz is kinda sneaky, so watch out! View Entire Post ›
Which Three Netflix Female Characters Are You A Combo Of?  Are you an Eleven, Jessica, and Alex combo or a Debbie, Jen, and Lara Jean mashup? View Entire Post ›
29 Funny Texting Fails From This Year  Makes you think twice before hitting the send button. View Entire Post ›
If You're A Millennial, I Guarantee You'll Relate To These Tweets  *Cries into avocado toast.* View Entire Post ›
Only Superfans Of "Parks And Recreation" Will Be Able To Pass This Character Quiz  Welcome to the Town of Pawnee. View Entire Post ›
19 Hilarious Stories Of BFFs Going Above And Beyond For Each Other  I am shook after reading these! View Entire Post ›
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