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  The UK is critically underprepared for the impacts of rising sea levels due to climate change, an investigation by VICE News has found.
  The countries that suffer the most devastating impacts of climate change are not those most responsible for it.
  A swarm of 40 million locusts eats the same amount of food in one day as about 35,000 humans, threatening the livelihoods of millions of people.
  Big polluters haven't managed to sow such widespread climate complacency by themselves. They've had expert help.
  As the effects of climate change are intensifying, ecology is "playing a bigger role in fascist ideology across the board."
  Dirty air is just as much of a crisis as the coronavirus, but politicians refuse to give it the same kind of attention.
  What started as a laugh at British media nepotism quickly became a furious pile-on that revealed a predictability at the heart of social media.
  The 20-year-old singer counts Billie Eilish and Michelle Obama as fans, and landed a feature on HBO's 'I May Destroy You.' She's just getting started.
  This is a mezzanine floor above a bed. With nothing actually on it. For £1,400 a month.
  Extinction Rebellion says it has grown up – and that means a split with Roger Hallam, who has been throwing paint at the offices of NGOs and charities.
  In her project 'Women in Public Spaces', Romanian-born artist Bianca Mierlea contemplates the ways in which women navigate the world.
  As the prolific polymath prepares to release his eighth studio record 'The Ascension', we’re here to plot a path through his wildly diverse discography.
  Less than six months since the end of Black Summer, many Australians are still picking up the pieces – but it's already that time of year again,...
  Only one officer was charged for recklessly endangering the lives of three of her neighbors.
  Chidera Eggerue, the writer behind the #SaggyBoobsMatter hashtag, speaks to VICE about her new relationship with social media.
  The new order takes aim at anti-racism training, or as the White House calls it, "offensive and anti-American race and sex stereotyping and ...
  Wee in liquid form has hit the UK, but is it a sweet dream or a damp squib? We explored the who, the how and the high.
  Horror stories are circulating of house parties and rule-breakers, but should certain regions of the UK have ever come out of lockdown in the first...
  David Bowie sweetie, I'm so sorry.
  Hope Mhlope's 'Journey of Marks' is influenced by the artist's heritage and Blackness, with references to female family members.
  Humans tend to fare poorly at predicting how we are going to feel in the future – and often totally misjudge what will make us happy.
  The party's drug policy reform group wants a 'new approach' to the war on drugs, including a possible legalised cannabis market in Britain.
  One ex told me to wear long sleeves around our friends because he didn’t want them to see recent cuts.
  “Gay for pay” is nothing new, but hetero men are now using apps like Tinder and Grindr to target what they perceive to be a lucrative market.
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