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  It's likely going to be a year of significant transformation and disruption in the data management industry.
  While honeypots shouldn't serve as the centerpiece of a cybersecurity strategy, they should be considered a crucial component of one.
  I've a question; what is the one technology which is set to revolutionise our shopping experience in the next decade? AI? Facial recognition? Robotics?...
  As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in the workplace, do comms professionals need to feel threatened?
  Don't rush the process of hiring local employees.
  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the definition of Qualified Improvement Property. What does this mean for expensing leasehold improvements?
  Tesla broke all of the rules in the automotive industry; now others must follow suit.
  At the AIMed conference 2019, UCI’s sophomore, and Dalai Lama Scholar Karishma Muthukumar gave an opening speech about her big idea of using empathy-based artificial...
  Attribution is elusive because different types of data reside in disparate systems.
  Travel, it seems, is taking a mysterious turn this year, with a flurry of Agatha Christie-inspired trips being launched for amateur sleuths, and explorers, alike.
  Many business owners equate cash in the bank with profit on the financial statement. Even though both are essential for a sustainable business, there is a critical difference...
  The U. S. has lost its most crucial fight with Huawei, and it has done so in the most public way imaginable.
  Kobe Bryant had a fantastic amount of talent to play basketball. But it wasn't just the talent that made him so successful.
  Social media has evolved from personal communications between friends to a broadcast tool to the world. This works well when it comes to sending congratulations – such as how...
  Hospitals administrators and national association groups have defended past mergers by promising the deals will lower costs and improve patient care. They almost never do.
  The SECURE Act's many changes to IRAs raise a lot of questions.
  SEO isn't for everyone, but these tips can help you determine if it's right for you and your business.
  Companies everywhere are quickly shifting data and core applications to the cloud and are realizing that singular cloud solutions simply won't cut it when it ...
  The 2010s were an incredible journey in the world of private equity.
  Debra Brede Releases, “You’re Retired...Now What?” with ForbesBooks
  This emotional and competitive relationship with Kobe Bryant among the youngest generation of NBA stars including Devin Booker was...
  Make it anticipatory, proffered, on-demand, real-time, personalized, collaborative, and bite-sized - step-by-step.
  Most Americans believe that an internship at Google is more valuable than a degree from Harvard - and that’s not just the plot of an Owen Wilson...
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