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'El Chapo' paid former Mexican president $100 million bribe, witness claims  Trial hears that drug lords paid off Mexican officials at every level.
Live updates: May's Brexit defeat; Kenya attack; and Lavrov speech  Join us for live updates on the key stories from across Europe and beyond.
Washington elites should stop underestimating Trump and deriding his voters | View  Trump is an opportunist, but it is his beliefs — and not a thirst for power — that drive him.
Women's March this week comes amid controversy, with some partners now off list  Several prominent civil and women's rights groups are absent from the list of partners of the third Women's March in Washington on...
Trump wanted to eat Democrats' lunch. That's why they didn't show up for his.  Analysis: With a nothing-burger on the menu, moderates didn't want to get eaten alive.
Rihanna sues her dad for using her Fenty brand name  The suit claims the singer's father and his business partner try to trade on Rihanna's "hard-earned success and the recognition and goodwill associated with her...
Former N.Y. Yankees pitcher John Wetteland charged with sex abuse of a child  The former major leaguer is accused of sexual abuse of a child between October 2004 and October 2006.
Kirsten Gillibrand forming exploratory committee for 2020 White House run  The senator announced her all-but-certain entry into the Democratic presidential race on late-night television.
How does a no-confidence vote work in the UK? | Euronews answers  After British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was defeated by 230 votes in the House of Commons on Tuesday, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a ...
Gillette is woke now? When brands try to keep up with the times  Gillette's new ad about toxic masculinity and #MeToo drew quick and sharp criticism. Some experts say it was a strategic move meant to appeal to millennials.
Good luck making sense of your hospital's price list  Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I've got a bad case of MR BR PLEXUS/NECK W 6467
Attorney General nominee Barr: The public may never see Mueller's report  Trump's pick to be the country's chief law enforcement officer was questioned about the special counsel investigation at his confirmation hearing.
Drive-by shooting that hit the outside of a mosque sparks investigation  At least two rounds struck a car and building at the worship center and school in Katy, Texas.
Pro-Europen fashion, do you dare to wear these statement garments? Raw Politics  A fashion brand is taking off by using the European flag as its motif.
What's been the reaction to Theresa May's Brexit deal defeat?  Lots of strong adjectives being used to describe May's divorce deal defeat.
3 adults overdose in same county where 1 died, 14 stricken from fentanyl  An overdose incident Monday occurred in the same county where one person died and 14 were hospitalized in a mass overdose on Saturday.
Captured American ISIS member says he 'wanted to go see exactly what the group was about'  A Muslim convert, Warren Christopher Clark and another American were being held in the northern Syrian town of Kobane on the border with ...
House overwhelmingly passes resolution condemning Iowa GOP Rep. King's racist comments  The lawmaker, who has a history of offensive remarks about immigrants, himself supported passage of the measure, saying that it was...
Federal judge denies request to pay federal workers during shutdown  "It's hard not to empathize" with federal workers, the judge said, but the shutdown is a "political problem" that the judiciary cannot ...
Googlers launch campaign to bring discrimination issues out from the shadows  Silicon Valley workers have grown vocal about what they see as systemic problems related to harassment, inequality or government contracts.
Who let the dogs out? Robotic pooches could deliver packages right to your door  The battery-powered pooches can climb stairs and even ring the doorbell.
Theresa May's Brexit deal crushed in parliamentary vote  Moments after the vote, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, announced he would seek to oust May's ruling Conservatives by bringing a motion of...
Which Brexit campaign group spent the most on Facebook advertising? | #TheCube  The direct battle for votes might be taking place in the corridors of power but it’s also playing out on your social feeds.
42,000 Coast Guard members miss first paycheck due to government shutdown  "The Congress can't their act together. The president can't get their act together, but your community will take care of you," one...
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