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(Source: Société de la Tour Eiffel SA) La Société de la Tour Eiffel acquiert 85.000...
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Eiffel Tower goes dark for London attack victims
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Eiffel Tower goes dark at midnight for London victims
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Je Suis Londres: Eiffel Tower Goes Dark
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Eiffel Tower BLACK OUT after London terrorist attack
Daily Star  
London terror attack: Eiffel Tower goes dark at midnight in solidarity with victims
Daily Express  
French giant hits North Sea acquisition trail
Herald Scotland  
Paris Orly airport attacker caught on camera taking French soldier hostage before being killed
International Business Times  
(English) Collection of Erik Le Caruyer Beauvais - Collection of French Decorative Art Works and Asian Art - Paris, 31 March
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French police release father of Paris airport attacker
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French presidential election Mélenchon marches on Paris
Paris Orly Airport shooting: Another failure for French security forces could have consequences for election
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Paris Orly Airport shooting: Another failure for French security forces could have consequences presidential election
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France 20 - Wales 18: French claim EPIC Six Nations win in Paris after 100 MINUTES
Daily Express  
Paris airport attack: Suspected man known to police, not French terrorist watch database
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