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Seleka rebel forces were supposedly disbanded in 2013 but still operate under Hissene.
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Ex-Congo VP and warlord Bemba sentenced to extra year for bribing witnesses
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Congolese warlord sentenced over witness bribing in Hague court first
The Guardian  
Celyad issues a White Paper about CAR T NKR-2 current knowledge and differences with classical CAR-T technologies
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Data science driving decisions in used-car business
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Man Survives Rollover Crash after Officials Pull Car Off Of Him
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Car runs red light pursued by police and hits and kills pedestrian, 45
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New in-car gadget Car Genie can predict breakdowns before they happen and make you better driver
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Debunking Debunked Electric Car Myths  
The Peugeot 3008 SUV Is Named Car Of The Year 2017
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Police called to two-car crash on busy north-east road
Press and Journal  
Change to Town Centre Car Park Charges
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Ferrari, Finally Winning Again, Could Dump Tradition With Affordable Sports Car, End SUV Blind Spot  
Governor Cuomo Launces $70 Million Electric Car Rebate and Outreach Initiative
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Police Looking For Man Who Slips Out Of Handcuffs In Patrol Car And Escapes
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: One of East Anglia’s most colourful fund-raisers is soon to be showcased.

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: An Austrian court has found a man guilty of terrorism-linked charges for spreading Islamic State group propaganda, and sentenced him to prison. ......

: The original lead singer of the British band The Foundations, Clem Curtis, dies at the age of 76

: It is unknown if it the weapon is an air gun or a real gun.
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