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Old man arrested for singing dirty song at neighbor  Robert Mirabella was arrested for allegedly singing a song on his porch that he composed to insult his neighbor.
Is Louise Mitchell leaving EastEnders and does she die?  Louise is going to be in some pretty big trouble...
Mother left toddler to starve to death in outdoor playpen covered with blanket  Roman Barreras died a slow, agonizing death between Spring 2013 and January 2014 after his mother Raquel Barreas, 44, stopped feeding him
The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal  Patent reveals plans for a pioneering flying machine capable of travelling at 'extreme speed' through water, air or even ...
Pictured: British couple killed when buggy crashed into 700ft ravine  The couple, from Vauxhall, in south London, had been driving the vehicle on the Profitis Ilias mountain in Santorini.
Who did Ben Mitchell kill in EastEnders?  Ben has a murderous past - but who was his victim?
Lawyer who defended paedophiles jailed for sexually assaulting six children  He told one victim the attack took place because they were 'pretty'.
Cow shot dead by police after running onto motorway  The cow was reportedly in a distressed state.
Tesco opening times for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 2019  Some stores will be closed at certain points during the Easter weekend.
One-eyed dog abandoned after being shot in face  Bubbles was beaten with a hammer and left to die at just six months old.
Facebook bans far-right groups and leaders including EDL and BNP  The site said their pages demonstrated a 'violent or hateful mission'.
Driver shoos turkey out of truck to its immediate death on the highway  A turkey flew into a driver's truck on a Michigan highway. He shooed the confused bird out to an immediate demise by the bumper of a speeding car.
Soldier is reunited with gorgeous puppy he adopted during deployment in Syria  US Army Specialist Tyler Mosley welcomed his pup Daisy to her new home in Florida earlier this week
Kimberly Wyatt pays tribute to Almost Never co-star Mya-Lecia Naylor who has died aged 16  Kimberly says Mya was the first person she met on the set of Almost Never.
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