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  What is it like to just be casually squashing a human shit down a plug hole with one’s foot?
  The hundreds who didn't will still have to spend another two weeks in quarantine, after spending almost two weeks isolated on the ship.
  The group was planning ten coordinated attacks inspired by the one in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  But experts say he is once again abdicating responsibility for the worst content on the platform and lobbying to keep...
  The untimely death of Caroline Flack is an indictment of our expectations of famous people. Changes are needed from all corners.
  This behind-bars ink shop is preventing HIV and hepatitis, one teardrop tattoo at a time.
  A large portion of you will, at some point, go down on someone with a vulva. Here's how not to fuck that up.
  The Breakthrough Listen project just released two petabytes of SETI data, and anyone from scientists to coders with experience in Python and a bit of...
  Prosecutors said his victims put everything on the line to testify.
  Great, you liked 'Parasite'! Here's another twisted movie about class tension and revenge.
  Who needs romance when you have trans sisterhood?
  Author Kai Cheng Thom remains hopeful for her "queer and trans bubble" in the face of climate disaster, mass extinction and the global rise of fascism.
  Newly leaked documents published by Popular Mechanics show that a shadowy Pentagon program produced reports investigating phenomena such as injuries from...
  But demand is so high I've had to tell a load of them I'm no longer in business.
  From divorce drama to estranged parents trying to slide back into your life, WhatsApp groups with family members can throw up weird scenarios.
  Saying the quiet part out loud and on the record.
  "After we ordered dessert, I excused myself and went to the bathroom to see why my phone had been buzzing all night – turns out my friend found out he had been...
  More than 1,700 medical workers have been infected as the government scrambles to get supplies and protective gear to...
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