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  Does psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – have the potential to increase consciousness in people who are unresponsive?
  Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies like 23AndMe and AncestryDNA that try to predict health issues are sometimes downright wrong, according to a new...
  "We took a trip to the Berlin zoo where we collected different animal droppings."
  A (sort of) love letter to MSN, alcopops and N-Dubz.
  Hannah’s 'to-go bag' also includes lube and handcuffs.
  On our way home from a holiday, he accidentally plunged us all into a ravine. I asked him about it now, more than 15 years later.
  There's something about the hours between midnight and 5AM that send people's most anxious thoughts into overdrive.
  The site, "Welcome to Video", hosted 8 terabytes of child porn. More than 337 people have been arrested in 38 countries.
  'Witness of Another World' is a great UFO documentary because it's so grounded in the human experience.
  Three of the four most visible new faces in Washington are endorsing Senator Sanders.
  "Pick any bug popular in the reptile trade for food, take 15 minutes, educate yourself on their reproduction, sell the things on eBay at the going market...
  The quietly Baptist self-help book has broken its own sales records almost every year since it was published in 1992. The secret is its simplicity.
  Fox has written more than 10,000 reviews for businesses across America in the last five years, all at the behest of a mysterious dominatrix who...
  I'm spiralling, and it has a lot to do with the state of this place.
  Vegan recipes for chilli sin carne and potato salad included.
  IRL spaces run by queer people, like London's Mosaic, are helping young LGBTQ people understand themselves.
  Alice McColm left behind a monotonous, soul-sucking job in corporate retail to paint glam nails for a living.
  The man allegedly told multiple prospective employees that they had to perform sex acts on him to prove they could do the job.
  A coveted endorsement from a celebrity in the Democratic Party.
  Milat was transferred from jail to hospital last week following reports that he's been "in agony" with oesophagus and stomach...
  In the Irish village of Lisdoonvarna, thousands of single people gather every year to get drunk, dance and match-made by an elderly man named Willie.
  "The whole thing has become so toxic, it sometimes feels like we’re on the verge of the Spanish Civil War."
  Four young Extinction Rebellion protesters tell us why getting nicked is worth it.
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