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  Dog cages, crackdowns, censorship, surveillance, expanded police powers... Authoritarians are having a moment.
  The nurses shared a photo of their makeshift personal protective equipment last month. Now, like so many of their colleagues, they're sick.
  VICE followed hearse drivers, mortuary staff and healthcare workers in Indonesia for a week to understand the challenges they face.
  To celebrate the one month anniversary of our Corona Film Club, we revisited Will Ferrell and Jon Heder's 2007 figure skating comedy.
  Looking for the new coronavirus in wastewater could give us a heads up about where the outbreak is spreading – and when it has started to dissipate.
  "It's completely abhorrent that this question should even come up."
  The Sanders campaign was mocked, ridiculed and maligned. But five years after it first started, it's clear it has altered the country's trajectory.
  Christopher Fernandez has been shooting people through his bedroom window.
  Students across the UK are going on rent strike to protest how universities have treated them during the coronavirus pandemic – and they're winning.
  "No one is funding this apart from me. With the bud, I only had ten ounces before this was started."
  Viral memes like Harambe and "Damn, Daniel" can quickly fall into obscurity, but that doesn't bother these guys.
  Conspiracy peddlers of every stripe are increasingly twisting the pandemic to bolster their world views – and to claim that perhaps it's not real at all.
  “We're grassroots venues that rely on continuous trade, so we can't suffer this kind of setback.”
  Wondering how coronavirus might change the world? Look to history.
  As COVID-19 misinformation runs rampant, pseudoscience expert Tim Caulfield has been tasked with keeping track of all the bunk.
  It covers 400,000 square miles above the Arctic.
  New observations reveal that an "extraordinary" optical illusion on a massive scale is making a jet from the galaxy 3C 279 appear to move 20 times...
  "It's heartbreaking that not a single one of us saw our dad during his last days."
  "I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win," Sanders said Wednesday.
  After 76 days in lockdown, Wuhan is celebrating, but the government is using surveillance technology to make sure some people don't move around the city.
  First things first: you'll have to pay £1,192 per month to buy a bed to put in a kitchen.
  Researchers are working on tests that look for the body's response to Covid-19 infection, and politicians keep talking about them as a way to end lockdowns. ...
  Hackers are turning their attention to Zoom in hopes of selling bugs for thousands of dollars to government agents or other customers.
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