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  Nothing like unpacking the extremely cursed results of a general election to unwind!
  Join Commons Confessions as we update throughout the night with all the reactions to the general election results.
  A brutal exit poll for Labour as the Tories look set for a majority.
  The beef industry is destroying the rainforest. The sustainable rubber industry might be part of saving it.
  The tear-jerking, spine-cracking videos are racking up millions of views, and sending more people to one of alternative medicine’s most controversial...
  "It was an awful thing the British state did to students. They decided to go after unarmed students who were protesting for the right reasons. And they got crushed."
  Cans and cannabis in the poshest bit of Hackney.
  The answer's more heartwarming than you think.
  Where to start and how to best go about building a jacked and tan upper body.
  "The patients are in so much pain and will be fighting for their life for the next two or three weeks."
  Fans point to the artist's 2017 tweet that read, "My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years..then fake my death."
  If they're badgering you to like all of their selfies, be their Instagram boyfriend, or back them up in an embarrassing Twitter feud, here’s how to put...
  From Baby Yoda to DaBaby to "Baby Shark", it's been a banner year for babies.
  Glenda Lissette's new series, "Save Our Skin," reflects on how anti-aging self care routines have warped her self image.
  He reportedly bought the trip at a National Rifle Association charity before Dad was elected president, but the five bodyguards he brought...
  Ten years ago, an unknown photo-sharing app called Instagram launched – and with it came a whole new breed of internet star.
  "Depending on my clientele, I can wear different hats: the medicinal purveyor to the friendly neighbor, or the gangster who shouldn't be messed with."
  Last month the public university published a press release claiming "there has been and still is life on Mars", complete with diagrams of...
  VICE UK urges voters to oust the Conservative government and start moving the country forward.
  We asked 15 of the most otherwise vocal British singers, actors, authors, YouTubers and activists if they were endorsing a party. The results are telling.
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