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  Latin America leads global trend towards greater equality this millennium
  President closes loophole that allowed debtors to bid for their collapsed companies
  Share price drops as chief describes macro environment as ‘difficult to read’
  Group exploits legal grey area to start trials as Beijing works to roll out national regulations
  Signs of a solution to Germany’s political crisis with Social Democrats ready to talk
  Why an end to the outperformance of growth stocks is more likely than a sell-off
  Bond sell-off starts to pressure domestic shares as traders cash in gains
  Shares in energy supplier drop 17% after ‘disappointing’ trading update
  Spending at 20-year low threatens region’s prosperity, EIB report warns
  Big groups snap up much talent, only to then stifle originality
  How big tech companies stifle innovation, retraining workforces is the ‘challenge of our times’, Germany may be on the right path and arguably too many promising European start-ups are California...
  Dublin, rattled by prospect of damaging its €65bn annual trade with its biggest market, could derail negotiations
  What model works best when governments invest in innovation
  Country’s conformist culture, lack of innovative thinking and pressure for quick returns are holding it back
  Even big names make poor decisions but we can draw lessons on how to approach change
  Emma Jacobs visits a charisma coach to see if anyone can learn to be charismatic
  French cable group struggling to reassure investors after share price halves
  Regional equities steady following release of US central bank minutes
  Robotics and migration are likely to affect traditional patterns
  Solving problems such as education inequality and job retraining the Silicon Valley way.
  US Treasury yield curve holds near flattest for 10 years
  Investors have made a decisive bet that some traditional stores will not survive
  Traders fear lower supplies after official says clean-up could take weeks
  Many policymakers conclude increase needed if economy stays on track
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