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  AustralianSuper begins voting against senior directors on all-male boards 
  ‘We must take destiny in our own hands,’ warns German chancellor
  Chinese currency has fallen 2.5% against trade-weighted basket this year
  Taormina summit fails to lift doubts about Trump’s intentions
  US bank eyes jump in trade amid fears over a US retreat from global business
  Greater use of fish in animal feed and rising human consumption reshapes industry
  Airlines, banks and exchanges have all suffered a major outages that were not the result of hacking
  Newspapers say cookie proposals will hand more advertising power to Google and Facebook
  Group aims to become world’s largest metropolitan fibre company within three years
  Chamberlin has been battling against the odds and competition since 1890
  Late-stage tech groups shun public markets as benefits of not listing endure
  Testimony would provide insights into decisions made during the financial crisis
  Gaming console helps boost company’s valuation to highest since 2008
  Under pressure to cut bills, utility companies diversify to safeguard profits
  British political leaders line up for TV interviews as campaigning resumes
  Regulatory arbitrage is a universal language
  Sterling and the polls, bitcoin volatility and feel-good flows
  Airline aims to resume most flights out of London on Sunday but delays still expected
  Study concludes that introduction would bring tax rises and less effective support for poor
  Britain’s departure from EU push fund houses to bolster presence in mainland Europe
  Customers told to stay away from Heathrow and Gatwick after ‘major IT system failure’
  Sicily meeting dominated by US president’s hesitance on Paris Accord
  Global securities body is latest regulator to examine fast-growing sector
  Power brands in venture with Novartis deliver high sales growth on improving margins
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