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  And Marcel says he'll be producing the record which could see Run KMC hitting the big time
  Season two will set up a story arc that could run and run according to the Duffer brothers
  Spoilers for season seven episode two flying right atcha'
  Disenchantment will star soon-to-be Bake Off presenter Noel Fielding and The IT Crowd's Matt Berry, along with a host of comedy stars
  A character from series one has become an important part of the series four investigation Confused? Let us fill in the blanks
  The presenter was looking forward to a long summer break in Los Angeles and so were his colleagues
  DC's heroine will return in December 2019
  With three episodes still to go, the bad folk of Broadchurch continue to throw up more secrets but is the net closing in on the...
  There were more shocks and socks than any budding TV detective could handle
  Actress Kelly Gough portrays the call centre worker who informs DI Hardy and DS Miller that she was also the victim of a sexual assault two years ago
  Katharine Hepburn has a close encounter of the Italian kind in David Lean's sumptuous Technicolor romance
  She is about to take the keys of the Tardis but the 35-year-old will be seen Doctoring on the Beeb a little sooner than you think
  The BBC's latest psychological thriller has an outlandish premise but the new Doctor Who star's sensitive and...
  Netflixs equivalent to the Avengers makes a decent (Iron) fist of it, but has a few fatal flaws
  "All these crazy things we used to do with themes have gone, no more jukeboxes, none of that rubbish this year"
  Courtesy of radios biggest bookworms
  With many options available to help people support their retirement, peer-to-peer lending should be one to consider
  Ezra Miller is apparently spending a LOT of time on set, making re-shoots for Justice League even more difficult
  Kem and Amber won the viewer vote and took home 50,000, but has everyone forgotten what went before?
  A mix of up-and-coming actors and experienced pros fill the line-up for BBC2's new Gay Britannia drama
  Henry Cavill is strictly forbidden from shaving his facial fuzz while filming Mission: Impossible, but that's a major problem for Justice ...
  Will the bromance continue as Chris and Kem say goodbye to Majorca and return home?
  The climax of the reality dating show pulled in the biggest audience in ITV2 history
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