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  Poland is a lynchpin for European climate efforts and is at a crossroads between unprofitable domestic coal, Russian natural...
  2018 is primed to be a year in which we see a cryptocurrency revelation.
  Wholesale Distribution is not in the most stable and quiet phase. Competition is increasing, markets are shifting and evolving, new players are emerging and...
  Guns are used for legal self-defense far more often than most people realize.
  Here's how to tackle what’s truly important.
  Take some time to consciously think through what you want -- and who you want to be.
  Google Flights is now predicting flight delays, yet another case of how big tech is leveraging big data to streamline the travel experience. See how to use Google Flights'...
  Once the CMO’s primary role is defined, it is possible to identify specific martech capabilities that are best suited to help the CMO deliver on those requirements.
  Facebook has been told in no uncertain terms to leave the offices of Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy political analytics firm said to have harvested...
  As the first of the semiannual Java releases, Java 10 includes a dozen features that build upon the major work done in Java 9.
  VR is still a novelty, and anyone spending $800 or more on a headset like the HTC Vive Pro is getting a raw deal.
  A crisis often hits marginalized communities harder than the general population. The higher education crisis is no different and, it's hitting this...
  It is easy to create a picture of an exciting, successful life on social media, even if it’s a façade. Many people, when comparing their ordinary lives to...
  To become genuinely intelligent, AI systems need to have human-like reasoning skills combined with a machine scale to process data.
  Acquisitions can be awkward, but these steps will help them go much more smoothly.
  New technologies are set to change patient care in huge, potentially life-changing ways.
  Part of building up a local business is drawing the attention they need from the clients they want. Here are some ways to reach out to the community.
  There are a lot of groups out there, and it can be hard to distinguish which ones you want to work with. Here are some traits to look for.
  Improving your agency's profits and outreach is doable, especially when you use the right approach.
  Part of ensuring long-term success of a business is building up local interest in what an organization does or offers. Here are some ideas you can use.
  Building an effective branding strategy requires the right approach.
  A clearer understanding of strategy and its place in your planning will help you and your team define and execute better campaigns that achieve your goals.
  From tapping into big data to leveraging enterprise risk management, you have options.
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