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Trump proposes 5 percent budget cut for each Cabinet agency  With deficits surging since he took office, the president on Wednesday proposed major spending cuts Congress is unlikely to approve.
Honduran migrant caravan grows to 4000 as U.S. border crossings spike  The Mexican government has sent an extra 500 federal police to its border with Guatemala in anticipation of their arrival, say documents obtained by NBC.
Risky visa scheme gives EU passports to the rich, despite politicians' anti-immigration talk | View  While some European ministers dial up the anti-immigration rhetoric, criminals and the corrupt are abusing Golden Visa schemes ...
Ocean Cleanup begins in Pacific  Aim is to remove 90 per cent of plastics by 2040
Elon Musk is buying up $20 million of Tesla stock  Tesla stock rose almost 2 percent in pre-market trading on news of the filing.
Don McGahn departs as White House counsel, officials say  In August, President Trump on Twitter said that McGahn would be leaving in the fall.
Norway apologises for post-WWII mistreatment of 'German Girls'  After the country was liberated in 1945, these 'German Girls' were accused of betraying their country, deprived of their civil rights, arrested,...
Reddit CEO talks fending off Russians and limits of free speech  "We've become more sophisticated," CEO Steve Huffman said of Reddit's efforts to stop foreign influence campaigns.
Man gets 40 years for plotting to bomb Target stores to disrupt stock price  "If someone has to die so that I can make some money, so be it," Mark Charles Barnett allegedly said.
Melania Trump's plane suffers 'mechanical issue,' returns to Joint Base Andrews  The plane landed safely shortly after the incident, which involved a "thin haze of smoke" and the smell of something burning.
Huge alien planets detected around baby star for first time ever  The unprecedented discovery challenges long-held ideas about how planets form.
Jamal Khashoggi's 'last piece' published by Washington Post  "The Post held off publishing it because we hoped Jamal would come back to us," Khashoggi's editor wrote. "Now I have to accept: That is not going...
Live updates: Brexit talks; Crimea mourns; and US asks for missing journalist evidence  Euronews brings you the latest news and updates as it happens this morning, Thursday, October 18.
Saudi ties complicate U.S. response on Khashoggi  Analysis: The disappearance and possible murder of a Washington Post journalist may not be enough to upend decades of economic and political ties.
#Masaktach, how the Moroccan #MeToo began  Moroccan women condemn "the culture of rape and impunity".
Raw politics: Brexit breakdown, anti-Russian sentiment, Canada legalises pot  On Raw Politics this Wednesday: Brexit crunch talks, Russia's PM talks sanctions and anti-Russian sentiment, and Canada legalises pot to name...
'Don't unscrew Poland from the EU', Tusk tells Warsaw  “The plaque is not a big deal. What matters is that they do not unscrew Poland from the European Union”, Tusk tweeted after a plaque bearing his name was removed by Polish...
Greece's foreign minister resigns  Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias was Athen’s main negotiator regarding the June accord with Skopje to rename Greece’s northern neighbour North Macedonia
Watch: Russian PM talks sanctions and anti-Russian sentiment exclusively with Euronews  Nine times out of ten, this anti-Russia campaign is in pursuit of entirely internal political goals. Medvedev talks to Euronews. EXCLUSIVE
Spain to have longest life expectancy in 2040: Study  The southern European countryis projected to beat Japan and claim the top spot.
Raw Politics: Brexit food for thought  British ministers met on Monday for a 'pizza summit' to discuss British Prime Minister Therea May's Brexit plans ahead of a key EU summit.
Which are the most competitive countries in the world?  Six Europeans countries figure in the top 10 most competitive nations globally, according to the World Economic Forum.
Raw Politics: French left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon reacts angrily to police raids  Melenchon has come under scrutiny after prosecutors opened an investigation into his alleged intimidation of investigators.
A British invention that U.S. spies should copy  The UK's National Cyber Security Centre is a relatively new agency responsible for protecting Britain from cyber threats. The U.S. has nothing like it.
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