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  Nearly 90 rallies have been organised for Saturday across France, as protests continue against the controversial 'global security' bill.
  Almost 2,000 new businesses opened up in the second quarter of the year in Brussels as well as 11,000 in Flanders.
  Bangladesh's government says it is moving the Rohingya because of overcrowding at existing refugee camps after a million fled violence...
  Barnier had been in London since the start of the week for intensive talks as trade deal talks reached a critical phase. Time is running...
  Ted Hui, a former lawmaker, visited Denmark this week after receiving an invitation from Danish lawmakers to travel to the Scandinavian country.
  "Vaccines and vaccination will add a major, major powerful tool to the toolkit that we have," said WHO's Mike Ryan. "But by themselves, they will...
  Flash floods hit the Indonesian city of Medan on Sumatra island.
  Several calls were made to police in Edinburgh on Thursday evening as a rare snowstorm was mistaken for an explosion.
  On the frontline with healthcare professionals seeking to tackle the psychiatric damage being caused by both the pandemic and the lockdowns it has provoked.
  Some of the winners of the 2020 MEP Awards, organised by The Parliament Magazine, speak exclusively to Euronews.
  Activists in Paris dropped off fake packages bearing the logo of Jeff Bezos' company in front of the Finance Ministry in Paris to "symbolise the...
  First responders in the Aegean province of Izmir arrived at the scene Wednesday following reports of "noises" coming from underground
  Kalamesque is a group made up of Jordanian musicians, and they’re adapting Western pop music into classical Arabic songs.
  Fossil fuel extraction will stop by 2050.
  Mitsotakis, pictured in cyclists' clothing in the photo, was reported to have travelled to Mount Parnitha, 45km north of Athens, on Sunday...
  The explosion was detonated at an old power plant in Alabama.
  A light aircraft has made a night-time landing on US motorway, hitting a vehicle.
  The new councillor, whose full name is Adolf Hitler Uunona, won 85% of the vote in a recent election
  The restaurant is owned by Simon Wood, a winner of the reality TV programme Masterchef UK
  The key stories of the week have been captured by photographers around the world.
  The contracts are primarily intended to set a legal precedent for the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources by the private sector going forward.
  With trials still underway, the vaccine is currently only being offered to those under 60 and without any chronic diseases.
  With just three weeks until the UK leaves the EU, France says it has the right to veto the trade agreement.
  Europe is racing to vaccinate its citizens but the UN has warned damage from the coronavirus pandemic will last for years, vaccine or no vaccine.
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