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  Foreign experts will be asked to help identify the mobile phone used to detonate the bomb that killed investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
  Glucose causes a 'vicious cycle' which stimulates the multiplication of cancer cells
  May way or my way Corbyn tells Brussels officials and Europe's Socialist parties as the UK Labour leader warns no deal would be...
  Is the ozone layer replenishing itself, how can we track pollution from industry, and is it possible to measure Earth's winds from orbit? We look into the mysteries of our...
  Costanza de Toma is and Italian national, but has lived in the UK for 22 years. She works with a pressure group, the3million, to try to represent the interests of citizens affected by Brexit
  President Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric on North Korea appears to have had the effect of stiffening people's resolve, with some North Koreans even believing...
  Hungarian police carried out a search at the Church of Scientology in Budapest on Wednesday. The search was linked to an investigation into suspected
  It's anyone's guess what the three leaders where discussing
  China’s economy has once again posted steady growth, expanding 6.8 percent in the third quarter. The latest GDP figures were above Beijing’s
  How is the crisis in Catalonia affecting its many international residents and businesses?
  One of them spoke to Euronews about his fear of sectarian reprisals, just three weeks after a banned vote for Kurdish independence.
  Mientras el noroeste de la península continúa luchando contra los incendios, el sur de España se ha visto afectado por graves inundaciones.
  After an inconclusive result in the New Zealand elections, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters held the power
  The number of flying insects has declined more than 75 percent over the last 25 years says a new study. The data, gathered by German scientists
  Madrid will trigger the suspension of Catalonia’s political autonomy on Saturday after the region missed a deadline to clarify an ambiguous
  Madrid accuses Catalonia's leader of talking loud and saying nothing in letter calling for talks, but threatening a unilateral independence declaration.
  Talks on the UK's departure from the EU are deadlocked over Britain's financial settlement.
  The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has taken to Facebook to reassure EU citizens living in the UK that the application...
  One of the reasons European countries are shying away from introducing online voting is because politicians are protecting their own interests, it’s
  The Canadian province of Quebec has passed a new law banning face veils. The province’s parliament voted 65 to 51 in favour of the controversial
  The blaze broke out in the middle of the night at the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, a lakeside hotel popular with foreigners.
  Italian police bust a gang smuggling €30 million euros’ worth of low-quality diesel from Libya into Europe and selling it at the standard price
  The stage is set for a Catalonia - Spain showdown as Madrid's ultimatum for an independence retraction ends
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