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  Air travel experts say BA is likely to face a massive cost in lost revenue and payouts to customers whose flights were cancelled
  The synthetic drug, which is also linked to Black Mamba, was stumbled upon when the scientist was researching the impact of cannabis
  The Get Out Challenge is the new social media craze that was influenced by a very particular scene in a horror movie
  Apparently it's considered "commercially sensitive information"
  85 per cent of mums and dads were unable to translate the real meaning of phrases such as MIA, KMS and the cryptic "99"
  From honking your horn in traffic to driving with your fog lights on, there are plenty of overlooked rules of the road
  According to studies, chicken isn't quite as 'good' for us as it once was, despite it being widely heralded as better for us than beef, lamb or pork
  A well-paid job, kids doing well at school, and having a pet also appeared in the top 10
  A study - involving 49 domestic cats - shows felines can recall memories of pleasant experiences, such as eating a favourite snack
  Coin experts revealed that a number of 2015 Britannia £2 coins currently being used include a striking error
  No less than 66 per cent of consumers rarely or never haggle for a bargain, according to statistics
  You get to a junction and you press the button: but does it actually do anything?
  One of life's great mysteries has been settled once and for all
  Every month, the popular streaming service uploads more and more content for us to enjoy - but are you making the most of it?
  Experts reckon the value of some old comics is only going up and up
  If you never bothered to throw out those old VHS tapes, you could now be in luck
  If you work for somebody else, experts reckon you are forking out more for national insurance than you realise
  Stranger danger and abduction was cited as the biggest concern among mums and dads
  The ITV2 reality show is back soon and this is what happened to the couples from last series
  Motorists across Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands will be required to change what they pay in a bid to keep their vehicles on the road
  You might be richer than you think - see some of the coins which are worth rather more than they say
  Viewers were left "sobbing" and "heartbroken" after watching a TV dramatisation of the murder of schoolboy Rhys Jones
  Three Girls aired on BBC1 on Tuesday, May 16, for three consecutive nights
  We get the inside track on the working lives of bus drivers
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