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PA Headline  The Swans are searching for a new manager.
PA Headline  The study found a heightened risk among children who were overweight at eight years old and went on to have above average weight gain during puberty.
PA Headline  There is strong evidence that excessive weight causes at least 12 cancers.
PA Headline  Drinking cannot be justified for other reasons, according to the authors of a new blueprint to beat the disease.
PA Headline  The experienced all-rounder shone for Nottinghamshire.
PA Headline  The Ivorian is a big fan of Pogba.
PA Headline  The Foreign Secretary was speaking at the end of a five-day trip to South America.
PA Headline  Immediately after one of the lowest points in his career the midfielder was inspired by his manager’s motivational words.
PA Headline  The Aston Villa manager has welcomed the competitive spirit of his players who face Fulham for a place in the Premier League.
PA Headline  The Stoke keeper will be going to Russia without England’s former number one.
PA Headline  The new Gunners boss was among three leading candidates for a role described as the ‘most attractive’ in the game.
PA Headline  The 22-year-old has two England caps.
Bruce reins in Villa ahead of final  Steve Bruce reckons Villa’s players are champing at the bit for Saturday’s play-off final – after revealing he was forced cut short a training session when it became too feisty.
PA Headline  The Swiss player is aiming for a third successive title in the Swiss city.
PA Headline  Scientists say the methane can seep through cracks several feet away from the lava.
PA Headline  Jacques Ruffin from Florida discovered his music teacher forgave a debt to allow him to keep playing the trumpet.
PA Headline  The first person shooter is heading back to the Second World War.
PA Headline  Early findings of five-yearly census of ‘clowns of the sea’ on the islands off the Northumberland coast are concerning, experts say.
PA Headline  She designed the gown with the help of Dame Vivienne Westwood.
PA Headline  Cinnamon flavouring in e-cigarettes damages cells lining the airways, a laboratory study has found.
PA Headline  The driver believed the adjacent line had been closed to other trains.
PA Headline  Nathan Rae chose the shape, with MCR spelled out inside, ‘as a celebration of the city’s response to the bombing’.
PA Headline  Milwaukee County Zoo welcomed a new resident, and the baby has already found her feet.
Tories gain control of Walsall council  A BLUE wave has swept over Walsall Council as the Tories officially took control this evening.
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