Trump's Mar-a-Lago search woes 'seem to have come from his legal team': Guardian reporter

  Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, Guardian congressional correspondent Hugo Lowell offered an alternative explanation over how FBI agents knew what to look for when they showed up at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort earlier this week to take into custody multiple boxes of documents stolen from the federal government. Speaking with host Alex Witt, Lowell was asked about the possibility that there is an FBI informant in the former president's inner circle who has been assisting the Department of Justice. "Have you heard anything that validates speculation that there might be an informant within the Trump ranks?" host Witt asked. "I've certainly heard that Trump world is very much wary of the fact that there may be an informant," Lowell responded. "And certainly there have been a number of people who have left Mar-a-Lago and the Trump team in recent months -- that's what's feeding the speculation." "But you know, according to ..
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