Why are BeReal selfies so unflattering?

  Photo-sharing app BeReal was founded in 2020, but it made its biggest splash this year. From January to July,BeReal jumped from two million to 7.9 million daily active users, according to The Information. The concept of BeReal is simple: Every day you receive a notification (Time to BeReal!), and you have two minutes to take your unedited, unfiltered photo. You can only see other people's daily BeReals if you post one that day yourself, and previous ones disappear from the feed. The app snaps front- and back-facing pictures at the same time, and let me tell you: These are themost unflattering images of all time. BeReal is driven by the desire to be "authentic" online , which is oxymoronic even on the app itself. For example, you can post late BeReals when you actually want to document your current surroundings, and you can retake photos as well. Still, when I snap my BeReal photo I never look quite like myself — or, at least, the "self" I know from my iPhone f ..
bereal, selfies, unflattering Image source : mashable.com
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