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Zack Snyder: has the king of comic book gloom finally found his happy place?

  With his new zombie heist movie Army of the Dead, the director has hit his immature phase, and is all the better for it I don’t hate Zack Snyder but I have hated a lot of his films. I have laid into Snyder so often it’s beginning to feel like a personal vendetta but it really isn’t; he’s just one of those directors who can’t help but divide opinion. To many critics he has inexplicably failed upwards, casting his moody spell over ever-greater swathes of popular culture. To others he is a genius whose vision must not be denied. At least that’s the impression his fans gave off during their occasionally toxic#ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign. Related: The Guide: Staying In – sign up for our home entertainment tips Continue reading... .. Full story on 

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