'Sweet Jesus': Morning Joe reacts to bombshell revelations that Trump stashed nuclear secrets at Mar-A-Lago

  MSNBC's Joe Scarborough expressed shock over revelations that FBI agents were looking for nuclear secrets among the documents stashed away atDonald Trump's private resort in Florida. Attorney general Merrick Garland confirmed Thursday that he personally authorized the decision to seek a search warrant for Mar-A-Lago, and sources later said documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the classified documents they were looking for -- and the "Morning Joe" host was astonished that Trump's attorney said on Fox News that she hadn't spoken yet with her client. "Sweet Jesus," he said. "I haven't talked to my client about whether he'd illegally removed nuclear secrets from the White House and taken them down to his country club illegally in Florida. You didn't ask the president that question? I mean, listen, this is a guy who has had contempt for classified information. Of course, he attacked Hillary Clinton for her emails, but as we ..
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