Trump slams Lincoln Project 'sickos' after FBI 'raid' ad runs during Fox News

  On Thursday, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to rage against the Lincoln Project, and take a swipe at Fox News for airing one of their ads. "Why does Fox put them on?" Trump wrote. "The perverts of the Lincoln Project were 'run out of town' after it was learned that they did some really 'bad stuff.' Perversion anyone? Now they have re-emerged with a different but similar name. Keep these sicko’s off television!" The Lincoln Project is a group of former Republican strategists who turned against the GOP after Trump became president, and became notorious for running advertisements designed specifically to needle him. Trump's description of the Lincoln Project as "perverts" and "sickos" is presumably a reference to a scandal in which one of the group's co-founders, John Weaver, wasimplicated in sexual harassment . The former president's outburst on social media comes as he faces an investigation by the ..
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