Fox News host Steve Doocy grills GOP's Steve Scalise over FBI backlash: 'What happened to backing the blue?'

  "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy challenged Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) to justify conservative attacks on the FBI following a search of Donald Trump's home. The Louisiana Republican appeared Thursday morning on the Fox News program to discuss the FBI removal of boxes of presidential records from Mar-A-Lago while executing a search warrant, which has prompted Republican outrage and violent threats against law enforcement officials. "People from the political right talk about how the FBI and the [Department of Justice] have been weaponized against Donald Trump," Doocy said, "and the way it works is the Department of Justice essentially tells the FBI go in and look for this stuff. The FBI, with 35,000 members, you know, now they apparently are receiving a lot of specific field agents are receiving specific death threats because there are a number of people online and elsewhere who are demonizing the FBI, and some Republicans." Doocy pointed to comments ..
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