Alan Dershowitz 'surprised' Trump used Fifth Amendment 440 times if he's got 'nothing to hide'

  Alan Dershowitz, a former attorney for Donald Trump, said that he was shocked after the former president invoked the Fifth Amendment at least440 times during a deposition on Wednesday. During an interview with Newsmax, Dershowitz spoke about Trump's refusal to answer questions about alleged financial fraud. "The Fifth Amendment, I'm surprised that Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment because, generally, you can give him immunity and then make him talk and basically this is a public issue," the longtime lawyer explained. "His lawyers may have had a good reason for invoking the Fifth. I don't understand it." "I never invoke the Fifth Amendment on behalf of my clients, particularly clients, obviously, who have nothing to hide," he added. "So it was a surprise to me. Maybe there's a good reason for it but I don't understand it." Newsmax anchor Shaun Kraisman speculated that Trump may have invoked the Fifth Amendment so that his test ..

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