Historians warn Biden about 'dire condition of democracy' during 'ferocious lightning storm': report

  Historians warned President Joe Biden about the rise of totalitarianism and decline of democracy during a White House meeting last week. "President Biden paused last week, during one of the busiest stretches of his presidency, for a nearly two-hour private history lesson from a group of academics who raised alarms about the dire condition of democracy at home and abroad,"The Washington Post reported Wednesday. "The conversation during a ferocious lightning storm on Aug. 4 unfolded as a sort of Socratic dialogue between the commander in chief and a select group of scholars, who painted the current moment as among the most perilous in modern history for democratic governance, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions who requested anonymity to describe a private meeting." Comparisons were reportedly made to the rise of secessionism prior to the 1860 election and rise of the initial "America First" movement and the rise of fascism before the ..
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