The Irish border problem has returned to haunt Boris Johnson

  The Prime Minister may be forced to break his silence on the trade-offs of his Brexit deal for the UK.   " data-adaptive-image-768-img="" data-adaptive-image-1024-img="" data-adaptive-image-max-img=""> The European Research Group is set to call for the Northern Ireland Protocolto be scrapped entirely , while every single major unionist party in Northern Irelandhas joined the legal challenge to the protocol.  But no amount of legal or political wrangling can change the policy reality: which is that if you have divergence between states, you inevitably have border checks and a hard border. That truth is why both the UK and Ireland have had a degree of regulatory alignment since Irish independence.  That doesn't change the fact the Irish sea border does have real and iniquitous consequences for unionists: and that the DUP backed Brexit, and rejected any form of Brexit that would have addressed the problem, does not change that either. The simple .. Full story on 

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