Indiana cops suspended after they arrested a man they thought was anti-police

  Two Indiana police officers have been suspended after it was revealed in a courtroom that they arrested a potential town council candidate who they thought was anti-police, preventing him from running,The Washington Post reports. Last month, Franklin County Prosecutor Chris Huerkamp dropped charges that included drug possession against Trevin Thalheimer, after witnesses testified about how Brookville police talked about him. Brookville Police Chief Terry Mitchum and the investigating officer, Ryan Geiser, were suspended with pay by the town’s council. Thalheimer said he back out of his candidacy for town council because he felt he had been "destroyed" by the criminal charges, which exacerbated his depression and anxiety. It reportedly took months for Thalheimer to clear his name after he was arrested. “I have a bad taste in my mouth about politics,” he said. “I knew politics was dirty, but I didn’t know I’d have to dumpster dive.” WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for ' ..
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