How Chick Corea shaped a jazz generation

  The pianist, who died in February, was one of the founding fathers of jazz fusion – a deeply misunderstood genre. " data-adaptive-image-768-img="" data-adaptive-image-1024-img="" data-adaptive-image-max-img=""> As a music critic, you spend a lot of time trying to find stuff to say about albums you wouldn’t choose to listen to, and little time writing about the music you really love. If you love jazz fusion, you’re pretty much guaranteed never to write about it at all, because it is the most unfashionable genre ever invented and invites a disproportionate amount of disdain. I used to feel sad about this, until I realised it meant that jazz fusion would never become my work, only ever my private pleasure. The vocabulary of onanism has long been thrown at a genre known for extended guitar solos and its almost entirely male cavalry. But I like to think of it as onanistic in a different way. Those of us who enjoy it have access to a deep, physical thril .. Full story on 

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