Five under-the-radar TV gems you should catch up on next

  Yes, we know there’s too much to watch at once – but here’s five stellar shows that didn’t deserve to slip through the cracks * Don’t get the Guide delivered to your inbox? Sign up here TV. There’s a lot of it. Too much to watch, unless you have enough screens to consume 13 shows at once, like Ed Harris in the Truman Show. Between trusty old broadcast telly and the insurgent forces of Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Apple and co, there is an astronomical amount of programming currently being pumped out. And, while Succession, Squid Game and the like attract plenty of column inches, there are plenty of other shows that fall between the cracks, either by dint of appearing on a niche network or through being under-promoted by one of the giants. So this week we’re giving overdue props to five of them. And if we’ve missed any (we definitely have), feel free to let us know: more info on that at the bottom of this newsletter. My Brilliant Friend (Sky Atlantic/Now TV ) Two consecutive nights before .. Full story on 

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