Labour had Boris Johnson over a barrel, but he could still scrape the bottom of it | John Crace

  PMQs was in limbo in the absence of Sue Gray’s report, so we were subjected to more absurd excuses That noise? The sound of the bottom of the barrel being scraped. Boris Johnson not only degrades himself but the Tory backbenchers falling over themselves to defend him. Not so long ago, Conservative MPs could just about kid themselves there were no parties in Downing Street and that Big Dog’s integrity was intact. Now the game is long since up and no one even bothers to defend the lies. Apart from Chris Philp. He’ll repeat any nonsense he’s been told to say. Instead we get ever more improbable lines from Tory MPs, who seem to have forgotten The Suspect made the laws, The Suspect broke the laws and The Suspect lied about it. Mostly along the lines of “it was only a small bit of cake”, “it wasn’t really a party”, “it was a surprise so he couldn’t be expected to remember it” and “he’s done such a brilliant job we shouldn’t be too bothered if a little bit of law breaking went on inside No 10 .. Full story on 

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