How TikTok bombards young men with misogynistic videos

  Observer investigation shows how online platform’s algorithm pushed Andrew Tate posts to an imaginary teenage boy An Observer investigation has revealed how TikTok is promoting misogynistic content to young people despite claiming to ban it. Videos of the online personality Andrew Tate, who has been criticised by domestic abuse campaigners for normalising extreme and outdated views about women, are among those pushed by the algorithm to users via the curated For You homepage. We conducted an experiment to get an insight into what young people are being shown on the platform, which allows users to join from the age of 13. To ensure the findings wouldn’t be influenced by our previous search history, we set up a new TikTok account for an imaginary teenager, using a fake name and date of birth. At first, the 18-year-old’s account was shown a mixture of material including comedy clips, dog videos and discussions about men’s mental health. But after watching videos aimed at male users – inc .. Full story on 

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