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Could tapping my chest cure my post-lockdown nerves? | Zoe Williams

  I want a quick fix for my anxiety. Will seven seconds of rapid tapping on my meridian points do the trick? Re-entering the world ought to be simple. I’ve missed it. So why do I feel anxious about it? There’s a bar on my road that encapsulates everything I loved about normality: those bench tables for six, perfectly engineered so that no one gets left out; charred meat of indeterminate origin; drinks that could quite easily take an umbrella accessory. But I imagine myself running out of chat, saying “please” when I meant “thank you”, ordering a caipirinha when what I wanted was a mojito. I foresee disappointment from an unknown source. It feels exogenous rather than internal – so I don’t want therapy, I want a quick fix. Enter Rapid Tapping , and one of its pioneers, coach and energy psychologist Poppy Delbridge. It’s a kind of psychological acupressure, also known asEFT (emotional freedom technique) that you do to yourself; huge in LA, unknown (by me, at least) in the UK. Delbridge, w .. Full story on 

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