How did nanoplastics end up at the North and South Pole?

  For the first time researchers have identified the presence of tiny polluting plastic particles at both of the world’s polar regions. Microplastics have previously been found in Arctic ice samples, but “it turns out there’s an even smaller and more toxic form of plastic pollution infiltrating remote reaches of the globe”, saidEco Watch .   * SEE MORE Plastic pollution accumulating in human organs, study finds * SEE MORE Dark Waters: is pollution threat a ‘ticking timebomb’? * SEE MORE Fact Check: what are microplastics and are they dangerous? Nanoplastics have often “escaped attention” from research into polar plastic pollution, said a team from Utrecht University in their paper, published in the Environmental Research journal. Nanoparticles are invisible to the naked eye, and can’t be detected through standard scientific sampling and measuring processes. Instead studies have generally focused on microplastics , which measure between one micrometre and five millimetres and are kno .. Full story on 

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