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Would someone else do a better job than Keir Starmer as Labour leader?

  In the wake of a poor set of results for Labour in the recent local elections, criticism of Keir Starmer’s leadership has been coming thick and fast from both the left and the right of the party. Some argue that Starmer is a victim of circumstance, becoming leader during the middle of a pandemic and with the government’s successful vaccination programme setting making it difficult for Labour to get attention. Others believe that responsibility for this latest poor electoral outcome for Labour lies at Starmer’s door, and believe another leader would have delivered a better result. But do the public think anyone could be doing a better job? In order to find out, YouGov asked the public about four prominent Labour politicians: Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, 2020 leadership rival Rebecca Long-Bailey, and former leaders Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn. Few believe Corbyn or Blair would do a better job than Starmer For most Britons, Starmer has been doing a better job than his predeces .. Full story on 

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