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Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid 2021 UK review

  Yaris Cross adds boxy bodywork but crucially doesn’t lose the key strengths of the latest Yaris, making for an excellent all-round package Toyota’s newest offering feels like the answer to some bad puns. What do you get if you cross a Toyota Yaris with an SUV? A Toyota Yaris Cross.And how do you make a Yaris Cross? Well, you take the underpinnings and hybrid powertrains from a Yaris, raise the ride height, add some boxy new RAV4-inspired bodywork, rework the suspension a bit and add optional all-wheel drive. Okay, that’s not exactly going to win any comedy awards.But it also prompts a serious question: why do you make a Toyota Yaris Cross? That’s easy: as the Nissan Juke and Ford Puma have shown, there’s an ever growing market for cars that blend high-riding SUV styling with the compact dimensions of a supermini.Toyota believes that its heritage with both small cars and SUVs, plus a proven hybrid powertrain, can make its new offering stand out in the suddenly crowded compact crossover .. Full story on 

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