Ending religion lessons in schools leads to overall decline in belief but not morals | Torsten Bell

  Data taken from across Germany reveals that as mandated RE was abolished, atheism increased as a collective choiceLosing My Religion was one of the defining songs of my youth, thanks to REM. Rather more importantly (unless you care a lot about teenage angst) our collective loss of belief matters hugely for how society has evolved. When I was born, twice as many of us were Christians as had no religion . Today, more of us are atheists than Christians and it appears only slightly overhalf of British Christians believe in God . We see a similar picture across Europe, even if globally religion is in less of a retreat. We tend to think about religiousness as a personal decision but new research examining the role of schools illustrates that collective choices have a part to play. The authors use data from Germany, exploiting the fact the religious education mandated by the postwar West German constitution was removed across different states at different times from the 1970s. They find abo .. Full story on theguardian.com 

torsten, bell, religion, lessons, schools, decline, belief Image source : theguardian.com
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