Four in ten who voted Conservative in 2019 say Boris Johnson should resign

  Less than half of Tory voters think the Prime Minister has been honest over the allegations Despite efforts at an apology at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, it seems Boris Johnson has failed to quell mounting public anger. The reasons offered up by Johnson in an attempt to explain away his attendance ata garden party at Number 10 did not wash with Keir Stammer, norhis backbenchers . Now, the Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross, hascalled on the PM to resign . Following Johnson’s admission that he did attend the Downing Street garden party, and his insistence he thought it was a “work event”, a new YouGov/Times survey conducted on 12-13 January shows six in ten Britons (63%) think he should resign. The issue has split 2019 Conservative voters, with 41% thinking he should go while 47% think he should remain. Even among those who say they currently intend to vote Conservative, 19% think Johnson should go. But do the allegations even matter? Part of Johnson’s defen .. Full story on 

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