Keanu Reeves Reveals The Only 2 Stars He's Ever Asked For An Autograph

  (The Huffington Post) : Keanu Reeves has had few signature moments in his life ? when it comes to getting autographs. The Matrix Resurrections star has revealed he has only ever asked two celebrities for their autograph ? rockerLou Reed and comedian George Carlin .  Lou Reed’s was for a friend, he told The Late Show host Stephen Colbert in a leftover clip shared from a recent appearance. “He was cool about it,” Keanu said of The Velvet Underground icon. “It was a little piece of paper, and it was blue ink. And it just said ‘Lou Reed.’” “It would have been really disappointing if it didn’t say ‘Lou Reed,’” the host cracked. “I know,” Keanu replied. “But it could have said ‘all my best’ or ... ” As for George Carlin, who appeared in Keanu’s 1989 hit movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that autograph was a keeper. And it was a salty one. “He wrote … I think it was, ‘Dear Keanu, Fuck you!’,” Keanu recalled. “I always thought he just wrote that for me,” the John Wick star continued. “Then I met someone e ..

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