Zen School of Motoring: TV that will cleanse your spirit like meditation

  This therapeutic new dashcam show makes you sit in traffic, dodge potholes and slow to avoid pigeons – but if you give yourself over to it, it could change you forever I don’t know if you remember, but a few years ago, when YouTube figured out its algorithm and vloggers suddenly went stratospheric, there were a number of failed attempts to port internet-famous people over to actual TV. So, like, Zoella would turn up at some point. A boyish-faced YouTuber would chuckle through an entire ITV panel show without saying anything. Someone with a gossip channel would clunkily work the red carpet before a low-level awards show. This was all fine, but the experiments were doomed – YouTubers thrive when they are in complete control of their jump cuts, how often they are allowed to make a squealing noise, and whether everything they’ve said can turn out to be a prank all along. None of those tropes sat comfortably on actual television, for people with fully developed prefrontal cortexes. There’s .. Full story on theguardian.com 

tv, zen, school, motoring, cleanse, spirit, meditation Image source : theguardian.com
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