Your Fingernails Are Showing Your Age. Here's What To Do About It

  When most people think of ageing, they think of loose skin, brittle hair and fragile bones – but there’s one more thing to add to the list, and it involves your nails. With time, you may have noticed changes to your nails’ texture, thickness, strength and even growth rate. According to experts, this is completely normal, and most people will experience age-related nail changes by the age of 40. Despite these side effects of ageing being inevitable, there’s a lot you can do to manage them. We tapped experts to learn about the different ways nails change as we get older along with tips on how to navigate them. Nail texture and thickness Noticing ridges on your nails? This is referred to medically as onychorrhexis and is akin to wrinkles on the nail. “When parts of the nail growth plate (aka the nail matrix) become thinner and begin to atrophy, the result is ridging (parallel longitudinal depressions in the nail plate),” says Dr. Dana Stern , assistant clinical professor of dermatology at .. Full story on 

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