Conservatives set to lose 26 of their 64 Lib Dem battleground seats

  New YouGov MRP poll suggests Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt would lose their seats if an election were being held now Last Thursday the Liberal Democrats overturned a huge Conservative majority to comfortably win a by-election contest for the third time this parliament. Following notable wins in both Chesham and Amersham and North Shropshire, the Liberal Democrats won the South Western seat of Tiverton and Honiton on a swing of no less than 30 points. Now new YouGov MRP modelling shows that the Conservatives would be set to lose no fewer than 24 Con-Lib Dem battleground constituencies to the Liberal Democrats if an election were being held tomorrow (with Labour picking up another two). Of the 64 English seats which the Conservatives hold and the Liberal Democrats won above 20% of the vote at the 2019 general election, our MRP model suggests that the Tories would lose a number of high-profile contests to the Liberal Democrats including Esher and Walton (the seat of deputy prime minister D ..

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