5 Things That Have Gone Pretty Wrong For Russia This Week

  Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn't had the best week.Russia’s unprovoked invasion ofUkraine has definitely not gone to plan over the last four months – and this week was arguably the least successful of all. Vladimir Putin allegedly thought he could seize Russia’s European neighbour relatively quickly, preventing Ukraine from aligning itself any closer with Western organisations such asNato or the EU . With depleted morale among troops, a growing list ofwar crime accusations, and several other significant events this week, it doesn’t look like things are going to swing in Putin’s favour any time soon. Here’s what happened. 1. Ukraine becomes a candidate for the EU A video of the EU flag being carried into the Ukrainian parliament was widely praised on social media on Friday. It comes after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a joint statement showing the government was united in its hope to join the trade bloc. The European Council also granted Ukraine the s .. Full story on huffingtonpost.co.uk 

things, pretty, wrong, russia, week Image source : huffingtonpost.co.uk
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