I Was One Of The Most Famous Pop Stars In The World. No One Knew The Secret Pain I Hid.

  The year is 1997, and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell is interviewing me about the smash hit“I Want You.” It’s a song Rosie helped make a Billboard Top 5 hit, having played what she affectionately nicknamed “The Chica Cherry Cola Song” incessantly during her show’s intro segment for months prior to us even landing a U.S. record deal.   Rosie’s obsession led to U.S. airplay, then a bidding war between major record labels, and suddenly, there I was, Darren Hayes, this inwardly shy kid from Brisbane ? a blue-collar, conservative, hyper-masculine city in the north of Australia ? sitting comfortably on the couch of the biggest daytime television show in the United States, oozing star power as half of the hot new Australian pop duo Savage Garden. To the casual observer, I appeared confident, full of swagger with my vaguely ’70s blow wave and a blue-black dye job that could rival Elvis in his prime. But my bravado was a carefully crafted persona, built to protect me from years of bullying at .. Full story on huffingtonpost.co.uk 

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