What's Going On With Covid Vaccines For Children Under 5 In The UK?

  Children over the age of six months and under the age of five will now be offered theCovid vaccine in the US, but will the UK follow? The US Food and Drug Administration’s outside advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for kids under five across America, after data found both vaccines to be safe and effective. Both jabs will be rolled out in the US shortly. The Pfizer vaccine will cover children aged six months through to four years old, whilst the Moderna vaccine will cover children aged six months through to five years old. The US joins just a handful of countries offering vaccines to under fives, including China, Argentina, Hong Kong, Cuba, Venezuela, Bahrain and Chile. But currently in the UK, under fives aren’t eligible for Covid vaccines, though those who are of the ages five through 11 are able to get the jab. Dr Nikki Kanani, deputy lead for the NHS vaccination programme , said the vaccines still “remain the best ..

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