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Attitudes to brand sustainability and authenticity in Britain

  A sizeable chunk of the British population professes a preference for sustainable consumer products. But reaching this consumer base in an effective way requires more than just apt package labelling, reveals a new YouGov framework study. The study, based on YouGov Profiles data, segments consumers in Britain into four groups based on their agreement with the following statements: 1.) "I prefer brands that are sustainable" 2.) "Brands will slap anything on a label to make money" The groups are designed to represent the varying ease with which marketers of sustainable products can reach consumers, including: Yours faithfully: Prefer sustainable brands and do not agree that brands will use any label to make money Justify my love: Prefer sustainable brands but are sceptical about brands’ use of labelling That don’t impress me much: Show no preference towards sustainable brands and are sceptical about brands’ use of labelling Jury’s out: Show no preference towards brand .. Full story on 

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